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Friday, 3 August 2012

toucaninc-uk.com / toucanincuk.com - don't buy that list

This spam email was sent to an email account that had never opted in to anything (a webmaster@domain account).. and it sells "opt-in" email services. Yeah right. And this isn't the first time that these scummy marketers have been fingered for spamming.

They say that they are going out of business. We can only hope so..

From:     Toucan Inc UK info@toucanincuk.com
Date:     3 August 2012 22:09
Subject:     Closure

Closure of Data Sales

After three years of selling data we are closing the data broking side of our business.  We thought that selling our data at a lower price over the next couple of weeks until we close may help some businesses as we understand the climate is difficult and that marketing budgets are almost non-existent.

We have a UK Business Email & Direct Marketing Database which has been developed between April and June of this year.  It contains 773k records and is fully opted in at decision maker level to receive third party marketing emails.  It has been developed by a combination of internet surveys and telephone research.

We have fully verified the data over the last two weeks and ensured that all email addresses are valid and live.  The data also contains further fields like company name, address, telephone number, type of business etc.  It contains small to medium size businesses throughout the UK.

The database comes with a full refund guarantee and a 95% email delivery promise.

We are not disappearing when we close the data broking side of the business as we are continuing our consulting business which specialises in the insurance sector so we will still be around for you to contact by telephone or email.

The usual selling price for the full data set is £500 but we have halved this to £250 until Friday 10th August when we close.   We are limited to the number of times the data is sold to a maximum of thirty to avoid data saturation.  Therefore sales may close prior to this dependant on the response.

You can take a detailed look at the data set on our website toucaninc-uk.com

Go to UK Business Data in categories and the full database is the first product within that category.

The data is of a very high quality and is not available elsewhere within the market place.

Please call us on 0843 289 7907 with any questions or reply to this email.

Many thanks

Toucan Inc UK

78 York Street London W1H 1DP

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So.. who is sending this spam? Well, just like any other spammer, they don't want to be caught and the WHOIS details for toucanincuk.com are hidden by DomainsByProxy. Except the historical WHOIS records give the game away..

   Sally Gaskell
   Storrs Mill
   Storrs Lane
   Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 6GY
   United Kingdom

   Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
      Created on: 18-Oct-11
      Expires on: 18-Oct-12
      Last Updated on: 25-May-12

   Administrative Contact:
      Gaskell, Sally  onlineemarketing@hotmail.co.uk
      Storrs Mill
      Storrs Lane
      Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 6GY
      United Kingdom

   Technical Contact:
      Gaskell, Sally  onlineemarketing@hotmail.co.uk
      Storrs Mill
      Storrs Lane
      Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 6GY
      United Kingdom

   Domain servers in listed order:

The slightly different domain of toucaninc-uk.com is also hidden.

Clearly, this half-price list is worthless if it isn't opt-in, and presumably it isn't given the way that it has been marketed (you can see the spammy marketing in the past with this Google search). Avoid at all costs.


Hat White said...

Have you tried to email the hosting provider and the registrars Abuse Desks ?

I find if you send them the full headers and a copy of the email aka ( forward as an attatchement ) that the issue gets handled.

FYI: Here is the mail authority on this domain: toucanincuk.com

Primary mail exchange server: MX.FUSEMAIL.NET

1. MX server: MX3.FUSEMAIL.NET (, preference=30
2. MX server: MX.FUSEMAIL.NET (, preference=10
3. MX server: MX2.FUSEMAIL.NET (, preference=20

poppyemma said...

This company are selling data illegally - dont touch with a barge poll !!!!! It isn't opt in, or comfirmed in the last three months. Don't get caught out by these swindlers !!!!!!!! WE HAD A REALLY BAD EXPERIANCE WITH THEM. THEY ARE COWBOYS. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

poppyemma said...

Dont touch this compay - the data is not opt in, nor are they a limited company. Had lots of problems with these cowboys. Dont touch it with a barge poll, avoid, avoid, avoid