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Monday, 25 March 2013

contactemaillists.com / Contact Email Lists / Sally Gaskell spam

Would you buy a mailing list from a company that just spammed you? In this case "Contact Email Lists" (contactemaillists.com) has been spamming random at one of my domains (website@, server@ and shopping@), and yet they boast that their data "has been strictly opted in at decision maker level."

Assuming that they are using their own mailing lists for marketing, then their claim is a lie. In fact, they spammed me last week and were lying then too. If you are familiar with the Rules of Spam then you will know that Rule #1 is Spammers Lie.

Anyway, here is the spam they are sending out:

From:     Contact Email Lists [info@contactemaillists.com]
Date:     25 March 2013 07:39
Subject:     Contact Email Lists

Contact Email Lists - Qualified & Opted In Prospect Data

-        At a fraction of the usual price.  We own the data we sell so we can keep our prices extremely competitive but still deliver on quality and service.

New January 2013 Opted In Business Database - contains over 437k records.  This data set is completely new and unique to us.  It has been strictly opted in at decision maker level.  It contains SME businesses throughout the UK.  Every record contains full information fields including a live and valid email address.

We are aware that much larger business databases are currently been offered.  It takes a lot of hard work and man hours to produce a truly opted in and quality prospect list.  Common sense must prevail and conclude that such large databases cannot possibly be opted in and are very old and tired.

We don't hold millions of data records as it would be impossible to ensure the quality.  We concentrate on a smaller amount of data and spend many man hours developing, verifying and qualifying the data we do hold.  This way you can be assured that the data you buy from us is the very best quality available on the market.  Our data is fresh, unique and will help you accomplish your new business targets.

Our data is sold with a 95% email delivery promise and on a multiple use basis.

The UK database as mentioned above is priced at £500 but you may purchase this data set for £250 until Monday 25th March. We are limited to the number of times we sell a data set so that it isn’t over used so this offer may end early. Please use the coupon code contact50 during checkout to activate the discount. If you go to the home page of our site this database is the first product listed and is the only one under ‘featured items’. There you can see a full breakdown of the data set.

Our website address is – contactemaillists.com

Please contact us if you would like a sample. Alternatively please feel free to call us on the number below.

Contact Email Lists

Tel: 0843 289 8873

Craggs House, Craggs Road, Rotherham. S60 4BH.

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Let's look at the WHOIS data for this domain:

      Gaskell, Sally  info@toucaninc-uk.com
      Storrs Mill
      Storrs Lanes
      Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 6GY

This is another Toucan UK / Sally Gaskell spam. Sally Gaskell may or may not be a real person, and there is no company name listed anywhere in the spam or on their site. It is perhaps telling that these Sally Gaskell spam sites are hosted on (BigCommerce) in Australia, which puts them a long way outside of UK jurisdiction. The spam was sent via (DMP & Company Ltd / AuthSMTP Network Services, UK).

The following domains are associated with Sally Gaskell.

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Croaking Frog said...

Conrad, I've also been getting emails from 'Sally'. Looking into it, it seems she's setting these sites up then selling them on before setting another one up (example here - http://www.buysellwebsite.com/startup/startup-details.asp?Ad_Headline=Marketing+Data+Website+For+Sale+10K+%2F+MTH.
Illegal? No. Spammy? Yes as the data is almost certainly rubbish. Article on my site about it - http://paulraisbeck.com/the-great-email-marketing-scam/. Paul

Kieron Karue said...

I have just received one of Sally's specials today, to our jobs@ email add.

As a genuine supplier of direct marketing data, people like Sally do more damage to the industries reputation than anything else. Kieron