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Friday, 19 April 2013

Squeaky Data / squeakydata.co.uk spam

This spam selling dodgy mailing lists originates from Sally Gaskell in Sheffield.

From:     Squeaky Data [data@squeakydata.co.uk] via smtpguru.net
Date:     19 April 2013 05:12
Subject:     Squeaky Data - Qualified Prospects
Signed by:     smtpguru.net

Squeaky Data - Qualified & Opted In Prospect Data

We own the data we sell so we can keep our prices extremely competitive but still deliver on quality and service.

New 2013 Opted In Business Database - contains over 437k records.  This data set is completely new and unique to us.  It has been strictly opted in at decision maker level.  It contains SME businesses throughout the UK.  Every record contains full information fields including a live and valid email address.

We don't hold millions of data records as it would be impossible to ensure the quality.  We concentrate on a smaller amount of data and spend many man hours developing, verifying and qualifying the data we do hold.  This way you can be assured that the data you buy from us is the very best quality available on the market.  Our data is fresh, unique and will help you accomplish your new business targets.

Our data is sold with a 90% email delivery promise.

The UK database as mentioned above is priced at £500 but you may purchase this data set for £350 until Friday 19th April. We are limited to the number of times we sell a data set so that it isn’t over used so this offer may end early.

Please use the coupon code 30squeaky during checkout to activate the discount. If you go to the home page of our site this database is the first product listed and is the only one under ‘featured items’. There you can see a full breakdown of the data set.

Our website address is – squeakydata.co.uk

Please contact us if you would like a sample. Alternatively please feel free to call us on the number below.

Squeaky Data

Tel: 0843 289 8873

Unsubscribe by email
This is sent to an address which certainly hasn't opted in to it, and previous experience shows that they just randomly spam role addresses hoping to get through. This list (incidentally which always seems to be on a discount) is probably of the same low quality, and using it may well get your hosting and/or email account terminated. Or worse.

Let's have a look at the WHOIS for squeakydata.co.uk

Domain name:

        Darren Gaskell

    Registrant type:

    Registrant's address:
        10 Spout Spinney
        South Yorkshire
        S6 6EQ
        United Kingdom

        GoDaddy.com, LLP. [Tag = GODADDY]

    Relevant dates:
        Registered on: 12-Apr-2013
        Expiry date:  12-Apr-2014
        Last updated:  12-Apr-2013

    Registration status:
        Registered until expiry date.

    Name servers:

As you can see, it's just a few days old. Presumably "Darren Gaskell" is related to Sally Gaskel. squeakydata.co.uk is hosted on (BigCommerce, Australia). The spam is routed through [s9.smtpguru.net] but actually originates from a machine called SALLY-TOSH on This IP is kind of interesting because although it is nominally a BurstNET IP in the UK, it is suballocated to someone called Yuriy Krasov in Moscow. Curious.


Tom Groves said...

I am getting the same email to at least 4 of our email addresses - DAILY several times a day.

What's the best way to stop it?

I emailed them to unsubscribe but 5 mins later go more of their unsolicited emails!

Conrad Longmore said...

If you are in the UK, then you could always take them to the small claims court for spamming, a precedent was set in Roberts v Media Logistics in 2005 (lots of material on this case if you Google it). You can even do it all online through moneyclaim.gov.uk which I have used for other things and works quite well.

Annelise Quinton said...

We made the error of purchasing this data which subsequently didn't pass our email providers test. We're now in an email dispute for a refund but getting no-where so will be contacting our Credit Card company or as you've suggested Conrad, moneyclaim.gov.uk.

Whatever you do, don't buy this data. They've now claimed that Dot Mailer use and recommend them all the time which having spoken to them is not the case and their website has been down since Mid May.

Conrad Longmore said...

@Annelise: it looks like the data they were selling was stolen, the data owner took the original seller to court. More here.