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Sunday, 7 July 2013

yelldatauk.com / Sally Gaskell spam

This email purports to come from yelldatauk.com and is trading on the name of yell.com, a business that it is not affiliated with:

From:     Yell Data UK [info@yelldatauk.com] via ansmtp.com
Date:     7 July 2013 20:37
Subject:     Yell Data
Signed by:     ansmtp.com

Good morning,

I hope this email finds you well.

Our data set contains over 750,000 UK businesses, benefits from full data fields including a live and valid email address.  All decision makers have agreed to receive business related third party contact.  This is a double opted in, verified data set which was newly developed as of April 2013.

We would be delighted if you would consider us as an alternative data supplier.  With this in mind as an introductory offer we would like you to try our full file for £600 instead of the usual £1200.

Offer strictly available until the close of business on Tuesday 9th July.

To take advantage of this offer please visit our website - yelldatauk.com

Select the product named UK Business Data - Full File.  The price of the data will automatically reduce from £1200 to £600 when the product is selected.

Please reply to this email if you have any queries or call us on 0843 289 9034.

Kind regards


Yell Data UK

Unsubscribe by email

Despite having anonymous WHOIS details, it is pretty clear from the format and the telephone number that this belongs to Sally Gaskell of South Yorkshire (or someone using that name). The site is functionally identical to reddatauk.com which features the contact number of 0843 289 7907 which is the same as used in this spam email. Since this spam was sent to role accounts which have never opted-in to anything, you can assume that the databases being sold are a pile of shit. Incidentally, Sally Gaskell has claimed several times that her business is closing down, and yet the spam continues.

Sally Gaskell and her partner Darren Gaskell have been in legal trouble for selling unauthorised databases before, and they may well in breach of a court order if the database is one mentioned in Executive Grapevine International Ltd vs Wall, Gaskell & Gaskell.

These other domains are also associated with Sally Gaskell. Avoid. Especially if you don't want to be hauled in front of a judge yourself.


justin baynton said...

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ipquery said...

I administer a number of mailing lists, most of which have been hit by this spammer. I made a report to the ICO, who wrote to them with friendly advice on email marketing.

Meanwhile the rate of Gaskell spamming has increased.

So I complained again; parliament last year raised the penalty for spamming from £50K to £500K, and the ICO has sole power to prosecute infringers. Again, they wrote with friendly advice.

Again the rate of Gaskell spam has increased.

So I asked the ICO to review their decision not to prosecute. Some manager in the ICO decided (surprise!) that the ICO had acted correctly. They have not given e the details I requested of how they decide whether to prosecute.

Have you made a complaint to the ICO?

My next step was to appeal to the Parliamentary Ombudsman. This is the only route of appeal if an internal ICO review fails. To do this you have to write to your MP - the Ombudsman is the creature of Parliament. I want to know:
- How the ICO decides whether to prosecute
- How many spammers have been prosecuted (1, AFAIK)
- Whether the ICO has been hampered, e.g. with some secret rules regaring when prosecution is "in the public interest".
- Whether UK spam legislation is in fact in accord with EU regulations, if UK law has been rigged so that spammers are never in practice regulated.

Despite the fact that the ICO has closed my case I continue to report these incidents; a dozen or more reports now, and the ICO's friendly advice has not even resulted in the Gaskells listwashing me. I will draw the Ombudsman's attention to all these ignored crime reports (when s/he gets in touch with me).

myrddin said...

Looks like another spamming feast.
This arrived today:

"Lets Get Aquainted (Sic) "

"We would be delighted if you became a long term client and as such we have just launched our one day 'Let’s Get Acquainted Offer'.

You can purchase our UK Business Data File for £399 to see for yourself the quality and accuracy of the contact information without the usual huge financial outlay. The normal price of this database is £5000 so this is an excellent opportunity to increase you new business.
The Marketing Contact Database of UK Business Professionals

573,999 Decision Maker Contacts

The Ultimate Contact Database Compatible With All Major CRM and Email Systems
Features Of UK Business Date File
Company Director's or Senior Manager's
irect contact email address
Full postal address for direct mail campaigns
(Royal Mail PAF Verified)
Unlimited use policy - Use UK Business Data File as often as you need with no restrictions
Contact telephone number for telemarketing campaigns
Business classification and SIC codes
Fax number for direct fax marketing campaigns
Compatible with Microsoft Excel
Contact Salutation, First Name and Last Name for mail merging
Compatible with Microsoft Access
Compatible with FileMarker Pro
Supplied in Excel Format
Compatible with Microsoft Outlook
and Outlook Express
Easy import into, Constant Contact,
iContact and Mail Chimp
Easy import into all major web-based email delivery and email newsletter systems
Compatible with all major CRM software applications
Each Contact Record includes the following data fields:
Data Field Data Field
Company Salutation
Town First Name
Postcode Second Name
Bus. Description Job Title
Bus Type Telephone
Employee Band Email Address
SIC4 Code SIC2 Code

Our data is supplied in excel format.
The data is downloadable immediately following your order.The 'Lets Get Acquainted Offer' is available on Thursday 3rd July only.
Visit us: www.experiadata.co.uk
Speak to us on 0161 726 5566 or reply to this email. We also have ‘chat’ available on our website.
With kind regards
Experia Data
Lowry House
17 Marble Street
M2 3AW"

Not much about the company on Google, but when you look at their Ts & Cs for use of the database, you will find:
"Claims for replacement Data or refund for goneaways must be made with supporting documentation (e.g. returned envelopes, call records, fax logs) within 90 days of date of purchase. Replacement Data or refund will not be given where supporting documentation is not provided. Supporting documentation should be sent to Customer Support, Storrs Mill Storrs Lane Sheffield S6 6GY. Only one claim may be made for each purchase. A separate claim must be made for each purchase."

Who do you know who shares that Storrs Mill address? Sally Gaskell, of course!