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Thursday, 24 April 2014

"freshmarketinguk.com" spam from Sally Gaskell and Darren Gaskell and Ekmsystems.co.uk

The Sally and Darren Gaskell spamming team strikes again, with another pitch for their perenially "closing down" company.. which has been closing down since 2012 (at least!)

From:     UK Data Portfolio [info@fresh-marketinguk.com]
Date:     24 April 2014 11:00
Subject:     UK Data Portfolio

UK Business Database


We have decided to cease our data broking service to concentrate on our increasing consultancy work.

We have built and developed a UK business portfolio of 550,000 records. It is opted in at decision maker level and contains full business profiles along with the decision makers direct email address.  It has been verified monthly and is extremely accurate.

We normally sell this information for over £2000 but as we are only permitted to sell another four copies due to opt in agreements and due to the fact that we are closing this division we thought we would offer it to a few businesses at a lower cost of £475.

Sales will close either when four sales are achieved or on Friday 25th April when we aim to finalise things.

We have changed the price of the database on our website to £475 so you just need to purchase the Full UK Database.

Website: freshmarketinguk (.) com

We’ve included the (.) as links can compromise delivery and we are only sending this email to a small number of recipients so we want to make sure they are delivered.

Please reply to this email with any queries or call us on 0114 4055999.  There is also live chat on the website.

Many thanks


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The email is sent (as always) to an address scraped off the internet, so the mailing list there are selling is probably of a similar low quality, or alternatively the list might be stolen off someone else. In any case, the pitch about "closing" is a flat lie as they were using the same line two years ago. There's a very good chance that using this list will get you blacklisted for spamming.

The originating IP is a satellite provider on, it has been sent via serv03.emsmtp.info ( and is hosted on spam-friendly provider Ekmsystems.co.uk on who have been providing support to the Gaskells for some time.

The Gaskells have to change their websites as often as they do their underwear. The following sites use the contact phone number of 0843 289 9034 and all offer basically the same (probably) worthless product.



Tim Wetherspoon said...

Now she is Sallyann of Toucan Data
and her hubbie is seriously ill.

Conrad Longmore said...

Interesting.. but given the evidence that she is a liar, then I would frankly only believe this when her husband is lying dead on a slab.