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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

bobbear.co.uk "Joe Job" attack

BobBear.co.uk is a comprehensive resource covering money laundering and parcel reshipping scams. Recently it has been under a DDOS attack from the Bad Guys. They have followed this up with a Joe Job,with a series of offensive email messages apparently "from" Bob Harrison who runs BobBear. This has happened before.

The messages have a faked "from" addresses @tiscali.co.uk and @gmail.com account, presumably those belonging to Bob Harrison in an attempt to get his mailboxes shut down.

Sample subjects are:
  • Fukkah
  • Bitched
  • Butthole
  • Penises
  • Mutha Fuker
  • Suck
  • Polack

Sample body text:
  • your son sexy nigger boob knobz knobs
  • your father pusse phuker
  • your mother asholes retard
  • your son cnts cock head bitches knobs
  • our daughter mutha fucker phuc
  • your dad phuck sluts
  • your son cocksucker fuker
There are probably hundreds of hosts sending out this mail, but I have seen and repeatedly.

Don't bother complaining to Tiscali or Gmail about this, BobBear is not sending out the spam. Instead, use a reporting service such as SpamCop to send a complaint back to whoever manages the sending machine.

1 comment:

Map said...

I got one of those to my Yahoo email account. The IP was

Subject: God Damned

your father niggers vajina pussee shiter