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Monday 26 October 2009

Yesbestbuy.com? Yeah, right!

A tip about a site called yesbestbuy.com proved interesting.. is this a real site, or is this a scam?

Well, let's put it this way.. a company selling a brand new $750 cell phone for $261.. especially when the phone isn't even out yet and won't be for some weeks.

Yes, this is another Chinese site where prices are "too good to be true", which usually means that they aren't. Let's dig a little closer, shall we?

The WHOIS details say:

Registrant Contact:
zhong jian ping
jian ping zhong service@yesbestbuy.com
03165544345 fax: 03165544345
shanghai shanghai 332210

Who knows.. they might even be true! The domain was registered in June 2009, so it has been around for a couple of months. The fax number of 03165544345 is related to the domain e-infall.com which has a rotten reputation.

The server is which has been used to host a fake bank before, and has a lot of other "too good to be true" electronics sites, although there could be some legitimate sites here too. One in particular is yesbestshop.com with similar registrant details:

Registrant Contact:
zhong jian ping
jian ping zhong zhongjp@ssee.com
010-3884111 fax: 010-3884111
beijing beijing 210012
The email address zhongjp@ssee.com is also linked with Elebarn.com which also has a rotten reputation.

These other domains seem to belong to the same person - it's easy enough to research them to draw your own conclusions:

  • 365hotbuy.com (
  • sales-digital.com (
  • yesbestshop.com (
  • elerush.com (
  • elefind.com (
  • e-infall.com (offline)
  • elewholesale.com (
  • cacaweb.com (
There are a lot, and I do mean a lot of potentially linked sites in this network. But if you avoid purchasing from sites where the prices are unreasonably low, then that will be a simple way of protecting yourself.


Unknown said...
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Conrad Longmore said...

If you've used a credit card, then contact your credit card company. Some debit cards also offer protection. If it's Western Union then you are unlikely to see any money back.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insightful blog. I had rec'd an email from a client and it looked very odd. I checked out the website and thought it was too good to be true and decided to research the site. What an eye opener. I have forwarded your blog onto all of my family and friends, so they too can avoid be ripped off. Again, Thank you.