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Sunday 1 April 2018

New Traffic Light Protocol (TLP) levels for 2018

The Traffic Light Protocol should be familiar to anyone working with sensitive data, with levels RED, AMBER, GREEN and WHITE being used to specify how far information can be shared. In recent years it has become clear that these four levels are not enough, so the United Nations International Committee on Responsible Naming (UN/ICoRN) has introduced nine new TLP levels for implementation from the first day of April 2018.

It seems to me that these new levels do offer a much more nuanced approach to sensitive data and are in alignment with real-world needs. What do you think?

TLP Level
Information cannot be disclosed to anyone other than the current participants.
Information can be disclosed within participant’s organisations where appropriate.
Information can be shared within the community but not published.
Information can be published subject to copyright.
Information can be retained by participants until the end of the meeting when their minds will be wiped with a Neuralyzer.
Knowledge of this information may cause recipients to soil themselves.
Information is intended to be TLP:RED but someone will inevitably treat it as TLP:WHITE.
Knowledge of this information entitles recipients to a free ride in a police car.
Information is so unmemorable that participants will not be able to recall it even if they try (cf. TLP:BLACK)
Information is a complex mix of different TLP levels that cannot be easily separated.
Knowledge of this information may cause recipients to wet themselves. (cf. TLP:BROWN)
It is not known if participants should have knowledge of this information or not.
Information pertains to the existence of unicorns.