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Monday 18 March 2013

FOG RANT: turn your lights on!

Much of the part of the UK I live in is currently either a) foggy or b) very foggy. Freezing rain has turned the roads to ice and visibility is bugger all. At the moment the roads look like they do in the picture, and there are multiple accidents all over the place.

What amazes me is the sheer amount of complete f--king idiots driving with NO LIGHTS ON WHATSOEVER. Do they not notice that everyone else has their fog lights on? Do they not notice the radio reports of all the accidents?

Grey or silver cars in particular are almost invisible. Perhaps it is time to invest in a front-mounted laser cannon to blast these idiots of the road..

Saturday 19 January 2008

River Great Ouse, Bedford: 19/1/08

I know that it's winter, but in the UK we've had nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Our local river is right up to banks and with nothing but rain forecast for the next few days.. well, I'm just glad I don't live next to it.

Thursday 8 February 2007

Frozen Roadster II

Big fat tyres + only 800kg in weight = no traction.

Couldn't even get the Roadie out of the drive this morning on the snow! Fortunately, Mrs Dynamoo's rather heavier Rover 25 did.

Still, it's funny seeing all those people who've spend a fortune on BMW X5s and X3s to discover that they've got all the offroad capabilities of a milk float in this weather. :)

Snow... brrrr...

As the country grinds to a halt under a few inches of snow (that have been predicted for a couple of days), here are some pictures of Elstow Village in Bedfordshire. Snow.. in winter.. who would have guessed it?