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Thursday 20 August 2015

Search the Ashley Madison hacked leaked database (enter name or email)

Search the Ashley Madison hacked leaked database (enter name or email)
E-mail of the cheater: or
First name: Last Name: fuzzy

Nothing found
The profile_relationship column specifies the relationship status.
So, if it's a "2", it's a cheating man. The pref_opento items, which is a list of sexual fantasies users are open to:
1: "Threesome"
3: "Being Dominant/Master"
4: "Being Submissive/Slave"
6: "Bondage"
7: "Conventional Sex"
11: "Fetishes"
14: "Nothing Kinky"
15: "One-Night Stands"
17: "Role Playing"
18: "Sex Talk"
19: "Spanking"
21: "Experimenting with Tantric Sex"
22: "Transvestitism"
23: "Experimenting with Sex Toys"
23: "Exploring with Sex Toys"
26: "Aggressiveness"
27: "Blindfolding"
28: "Bubble Bath for 2"
29: "Cuddling & Hugging"
30: "Curious - Domination"
31: "Curious - Submission"
32: "Dressing Up/Lingerie"
33: "Erotic Movies"
34: "Erotic Tickling"
36: "Extended Foreplay/Teasing"
37: "Gentleness"
38: "Good With Your Hands"
39: "Kissing"
40: "Light Kinky Fun"
41: "Likes to be Watched/Exhibitionism"
42: "Likes to Give Oral Sex"
43: "Likes to Receive Oral Sex"
44: "Likes to Go Slow"
45: "Lots of Stamina"
46: "Open to Experimentation"
48: "Sensual Massage"
49: "Sharing Fantasies"
50: "Someone I Can Teach"
51: "Someone Who Can Teach Me"
52: "You Like to Cross Dress"
They also have a "looking for" section. Those numbers are:
1: "A Don Juan"
4: "Sense of Humor"
6: "Aggressive/Take Charge Nature"
9: "Average Sex Drive"
10: "Confidence"
11: "Discretion/Secrecy"
12: "Dislikes Routine"
14: "Good Personal Hygiene"
16: "Has a Secret Love Nest"
17: "High Sex Drive"
18: "Imagination"
19: "Likes Routine"
30: "A Professional/Well Groomed"
31: "Stylish/Classy"
32: "Casual Jeans/T-shirt Type"
33: "Tattoos"
34: "Body Piercing"
35: "BBW"
36: "Full Size Body"
37: "Muscular/Fit Body"
38: "Petite Figure"
39: "Slim to Average Body"
40: "Tall Height"
41: "Short Height"
42: "Long Hair"
43: "Short Hair"
44: "Girl Next Door"
45: "Naughty Girl"
46: "Bad Boy"
47: "Boy Next Door"
48: "Creative and Adventurous"
49: "Relaxed and Easy Going"
50: "Hopeless Romantic"
51: "A Father Figure"
52: "Not Possessive"
53: "A Good Listener"
54: "Good Communicator"
55: "Disease Free"
56: "Drug Free"
57: "Casual/Social Drinker"
58: "Seeking a Sugar Baby"
59: "Seeking a Sugar Daddy"
60: "Natural Breasts"
61: "Facial Hair"
62: "Tall, Dark and Handsome"

Thursday 1 April 2010

Saturday 13 September 2008

Doug Stanhope

I first stumbled across US stand-up comic Doug Stanhope [link probably NSFW] some years ago and was in equal parts horrified and amused by his work. By chance, I found out that he was in the UK (at the Leicester Square Theatre) so Mrs Dynamoo and myself booked some tickets to go and see him live.

You have to understand that Stanhope is pretty much the definition of "edgy". He seems to have no taboos and no fear.. as long as he's had some beer. Understand that some of his topics include suicide, gynaecology, death, drug abuse, overpopulation, abortion and Sarah Palin. Sometimes combined (don't click if you are offended by.. well, offensive stuff).

Even people who aren't easily offended are likely to be offended by something he will say. But on the other hand, perhaps some of those observations on the human condition are more profound than you would think.

So, Stanhope was on form and really, really funny. And yes.. there were several times when I thought "no.. he can't be saying that!". I could go into details, but if you like this kind of thing then it would spoil the surprise... I think it's the first time I've ever had to watch a gig like this from between my fingers.

Anyway, Stanhope is in London and Manchester for most of September, and then back in the US doing a tour for October and November (itinerary here). Or you could purvey yourself one of his fine DVDs on Amazon.