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Saturday 7 August 2010

"Your Free Money with Grants 4 CD Set At Absolutely No Cost From Robert Allen"

I quite enjoy this spammy crap I get from Robert Allen, in all its breathless uselessness, from a company that only rates a D+ from the BBB.

Hello Conrad,
One day we must talk about where you got your mailing list from.
It’s Robert Allen checking in with some MAJOR NEWS for you!
Major news? You've discovered you have some horrible terminal disease that causes you to die through continuous pustulant eruptions? No? Shame.
I am very excited to announce an amazing new program that reveals how anyone can quickly and easily get FREE MONEY from the Government.
What, you want me to become a failed bank?
No technical jargon or complicated procedures, simple, straight forward advice and methods on how to locate the free money that you are entitled to.
Which government is this exactly?
Best of all, you can get your own copy of this hot, new course for free.
Why do I feel that there will be a catch?
Read on … because this is exciting!
This must be a definition of "exciting" that I wasn't previously aware of.
My friend and colleague Rex Hudson just put the finishing touches on his brand new, “FREE MONEY with GRANTS” audio training course, and I’ve convinced him to give you, a free copy of this info packed 4 disc audio library!
How did that go? "Rex, I'd really like to send a free copy of this training course to Conrad!" "Oh Robert, I'm not really sure I want to do that!" "Oh come on Rex, he's a great guy!" "Oh alright then Robert".
Over the course of his long and varied investment career, Rex has held SEC licenses for Stock, Bond, Insurance, Options and Commodities.   As an MBA and the VP of Investments for a National Bank he also held a Municipal Bond Principle License and operated as a Registered Investment Advisor.  As the investment manager Rex held discretionary investment authority on over $850 Million in assets.  The bottom line is Rex knows money!
He's a stockbroker and banker, basically. But now he works for the "Enlightened Wealth Institute" as "Vice President of Training" which is a bit of an interesting career move.
Now you can have a chance to learn from the master – and get his best, proven techniques for getting FREE MONEY from the GOVERNMENT.
I did say he was a banker.
Rex’s FREE MONEY with GRANTS is your one stop source for BILLIONS of dollars that is ready, available, and waiting to be claimed! This easy to listen and easy to follow 4 disc audio program tells you exactly what to do to find your share of this FREE MONEY.
Dollars? Can I have pounds instead?
FREE MONEY with GRANTS audio program contains simple plan for putting
cash in your hands. And this is FREE MONEY THAT YOU NEVER HAVE TO
Champagne does taste so much better when it has been paid for by the taxpayer.
Find out how to get free money grants from Uncle Sam!
Find out how to get free money grants from private foundations!
Find out how to borrow money with government guarantees!
Discover the huge opportunity in selling to the government!
I don't have an Uncle Sam. Wait, Robert.. you didn't think I was American did you?
These are some of the best kept secrets of our government – and now you will know there are BILLIONS OF DOLLARS sitting, waiting to be claimed. And MILLIONS of people are eligible to receive free money from the government.
Honestly, no.. I don't think these are the best kept secrets of the US Government. I mean, they probably even have leaflets and stuff.
The FREE MONEY WITH GRANTS audio program is your ultimate guide to getting your share of free money from the government.
You can keep shouting FREE MONEY WITH GRANTS all you like but you are still not going to convince me. Actually, I'm starting to get a headache now.
Rex’s “FREE MONEY with GRANTS” quick cash program could easily retail $69.95,
but in true “Nothing Down” fashion, I’ve arranged for you to get this fantastic new 4 CD audio training course for FREE … not even shipping and handling!
Nearly seventy dollars? Well, you can put whatver price on it you like.. it doesn't mean that it will sell. Look at the bidding wars going on for these items.. oh wait, they're not even shifting for 99 cents. And by "nothing down" I guess you mean that I don't have to pay anything NOW for them.. but what about later?
All you have to do is dial toll free 1-888-384-4047 RIGHT NOW and let me know where to ship your course! That’s it … it’s as simple as that!
Please ship it firmly up your own backside.
I am very excited about Rex’s “FREE MONEY with GRANTS” 4 CD audio training
program and I look forward to sending you your FREE COPY!
Massive Success,
Robert Allen
P.S. Don’t Wait! Call toll free 1-888-384-4047 RIGHT NOW. This offer is NOT going to last forever. Rex is only allowing us to give away a very limited number of these hot courses. So act now so you don’t miss out! Get your copy today!
I'll pass if it's OK with you.
Please note that product prices and availability are limited time offers and are subject to change.  We respect your privacy.  To remove yourself from this mailing list, click http://www.ewimail.com/unsubscribe.aspx or reply to this message with “unsubscribe” as the subject line or write us at Enlightened Wealth Institute, LC, 5072 N 300 W Provo, UT 84604
But apparently you don't respect my intelligence by sending me this crap.