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Tuesday 28 September 2010

MS10-070 - don't panic.. on second thoughts.. PANIC

Those of you who know Microsoft patch levels probably already treat "Important" patches with a shrug, because the really important ones are always "Critical". So when Microsoft does an out-of-band patch only rated as "Important" then there's something not right going on.

Well, MS10-070 is one such patch, and to be brutally brief it means that IIS servers are vulnerable to an information disclosure attack.. very bad news if you are running IIS.

The ISC have more here, but be sure to read the comments.. because this one is looking like a complete fragging disaster zone..

Tuesday 6 October 2009

htmlads.ru injection attack

Another injection attack following on from this one, htmlads.js looks like it is being injected into IIS 6.0 servers. In this case, the string to look for in your logs in htmlads.js/ads. js which is worth checking for and blocking if you can.

For the records, the domain registration details are:

domain: HTMLADS.RU
nserver: ns1.htmlads.ru.
nserver: ns2.htmlads.ru.
nserver: ns3.htmlads.ru.
nserver: ns4.htmlads.ru.
person: Private person
phone: +7 496 4047474
e-mail: tau@8081.ru
registrar: REGRU-REG-RIPN
created: 2009.10.05
paid-till: 2010.10.05
source: TC-RIPN