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Tuesday 14 August 2007

Netgear WG511 V2 Review

What do I think of the Netgear WG511 V2? This is what I think of the Netgear WG511 V2.. a completely and utterly useless wireless networking card let down by very poor drivers and bad reliability. Even when using a Netgear router, the WG511 V2 will drop out randomly, the supplied drivers are poor but the drivers from the website are positively dangerous and will cause all sorts of unexpected problems with your PC.

If you're having problems with the Netgear WG511 V2 then I suggest that you take the approach as pictured, where I have upgraded it hammer, the excellent Draper Model 9001 (stock nunmber 51223). This Draper hammer is a 16 ounce model with a soft grip that makes it easy to handle and very good all-around characteristics. Recommended for dealing with heavy-duty problems, such as permanently decommissioning the Netgear WG511 V2.

Extreme measures? Perhaps, but the Netgear WG511 V2 has played me up for 18 months now in an environment where every other network card works perfectly. I have wasted a significant amount of time on this unreliable piece of junk. Good riddance, and I certainly will give Netgear NICs like this a wide berth in the future.

(PS, as you might guess.. I'm in the market for a new wireless NIC. Any recommendations would be appreciated!)