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Tuesday 20 January 2009

"Polish fine art studio" scam

Is this a money mule scam? A package reshipping scam? Something else? It's certainly a scam.. perhaps an art scam designed to process fraudulently obtained artwork. Jennifer's "from" address says "Max" and the email originates from in Brazil.

Subject: I'm looking for somebody to replace me, A

Hello. I am really sorry to bothering you. I am going to get married and leaving to my husband to Cyprus. I have been working with a reliable partner from Poland for 2 years. I had an additional income of 2.000$-4.000$ per month. Because I am not going to live in the USA I offer my friends to cover this position. I have sent emails to all contacts in my address-book. In the USA I was a representative of a Polish fine art studio. I'm not an artist and don't know a lot about it. I controlled pictures acceptance and customers' payments. I got rejected pictures and then I was sending them to other customers with discounts. Sometimes I had to do little things. 2% turnover award fee is usually was paid in addition to $2000.00 month earning , to keep the team spirit. Before Christmas I earned over $5.000,00. If you are interested, please send your CV and Cover Letter directly to the manager at e-mail vitoldklepatski73@gmail.com . I'll be very pleased if you or somebody of your relatives or friends get this position, but not a strange person from an employment agency. When I first walked in it seemed to me that this work is very difficult, but it is not like that, this is very easy job and they showed and taught me everything about my job, and it took me 2 days to learn. People are very nice there and helpful. I think you don't have to miss an opportunity like this. My Best Regards to you my friends and I hope your had a great holidays.
Good luck! Jennifer