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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Malicious WordPress injection sending to and

There is currently some sort of injection attack against WordPress sites that is injected code into the site's .js files. Not so unusual.. except that the payload site in the file changes every half hour or so.

A sample of the code can be seen here [pastebin], it looks similar to this (click to enlarge):

The site mentioned in the IFRAME is the one that keeps changing, so presumably there is either something running on the compromised WordPress site, or there is some other mechanism for the bad guys to update the details. The URLs I have seen recently are as follows:


All these subdomains are hijacked from legitimate domains using AFRAID.ORG nameservers, and are hosted on (Digital Ocean, Netherlands). These then pass the victim onto another domain in the format


which is hosted on (Linode, UK). The URL structure indicates that this might be the Nuclear Exploit Kit, although it has been hardened against analysis.

I can't detect all the sites on, but a list of the ones I have observed so far can be found here [pastebin] and those on can be found here. But blocking the following IPs may give you better protection:

Update 2014-09-12 0830 UTC: overnight a whole set of other malicious subdomains (hijacked again from AFRAID.ORG users) were active, using the same IPs to spread malware. The domains change every 30 to 60 minutes or so.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

ccccooa.org - another hacked WordPress site

ccccooa.org ("Cumberland County Council on Older Adults") is another hacked WordPress site being used to serve pharma spam. I got 82 of these all at the same time..

From:     Linkedln Email Confirmation [emailing@compumundo.info]
Reply-To:     emailing@compumundo.info
To:     topsailes@gmail.com
Date:     6 May 2014 13:41
Subject:     Please confirm your email address


Click here to confirm your email address.

You will be asked to log into your account to confirm this email address. Be sure to log in with your current primary email address.

We ask you to confirm your email address before sending invitations or requesting contacts at Linkedln. You can have several email addresses, but one will need to be confirmed at all times to use the system.

If you have more than one email address, you can choose one to be your primary email address. This is the address you will log in with, and the address to which we will deliver all email messages regarding invitations and requests, and other system mail.

Thank you for using Linkedln!

--The Linkedln Team

This email was intended for [redacted]. Learn why we included this. © 2012, East Middlefield Road. Mountain View, CA 94043, USA 
One example landing URL is [donotclick]www.ccccooa.org/buyphentermine/ which leads to a sort of intermediary landing page..

This is turn goes to a redirected at [donotclick]stylespanel.com/h/go/phentermine.php and then to [donotclick]www.hq-pharmacy-online.com/search.html?q=phentermine which is a fake pharmacy site hosted on (LeaseWeb, Netherlands) which is registered to a probably fake address in Argentina.

Avoid.. oh, and if you run a WordPress site please make sure the software is up-to-date.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Mobiquant - when IT security goes badly wrong

UPDATE: as of September 2013, this site appears to have been cleaned up.

Mobiquant appears to be a a small French IT security company run by a gentleman called Reda Zitouni that has been reportedly struggling a bit and may have shut up shop earlier in the year. They describe themselves thusly: "Mobiquant Technologies is a leading company provides mobile SECURITY management technology to enterprises & carriers (BYOD, MDM, MSM)"

They have a couple of Twitter accounts, one of which has been switched to protected and the other one has not Tweeted since April. There's very little evidence to indicate any kind of activity (although we'll get to that in a moment) and this site has it marked as "Cessé économiquement" ("Ceased economically") according to INSEE.

The problem is that their website has been serving up a RedKit exploit kit for at least the past ten days. And despite several attempts to contact them via email, Twitter and a variety of other means the exploit kit remains.

It's not a surprise to see an abandoned website being infected like this, but it is embarrassing for an IT security company. But more worryingly, it could be a watering hole attack which is deliberately targeting people involved in IT security. Not that the affiliate domain yesucantechnologies.com also appears to have been compromised.

The plot thickens though. Because it is sometimes nice to let people know that they have been hacked I looked at the WHOIS records for the domain to find the contact details. And this is what I found:

Registrant Contact:
   RZ Group ()
   Cheval Place
   London, P S6SDJ7

Administrative Contact:
    Group (adds31@gmail.com)
   Fax: +44.20734596895
   Cheval Place
   London, P S6SDJ7

What is wrong with these records? Everything! The WHOIS details claim to be for a UK company, but according to Companies House there is no such entity in the UK as Mobiquant or RZ Group, and no active companies by the name of Fortesia. "P S6SDJ7" is not a valid UK postcode, and the address is actually an East African Restaurant. Although the fax number is potentially valid, the +44.20777777777 telephone number is extremely unlikely. What sort of company fakes its WHOIS records?

Now, when you have invalid WHOIS details for a malware site one of the quickest things to do is file a report with ICANN. I did this, expecting that this apparently zombie site would be shut down. But what happened instead is that the WHOIS details changed:

   WhoisGuard, Inc.
   WhoisGuard Protected (26ae68e0b9764d38a5d0ca312cc0d367.protect@whoisguard.com)
   Fax: +51.17057182
   P.O. Box 0823-03411
   Panama, Panama NA

Now, this is kind of odd because it means that someone must be home at Mobiquant, and they were prepared to correct their WHOIS details (or risk losing their site), but are not prepared to clean up the infection. Incidentally, the fake WHOIS details can still be seen at the site mobiquantacademy.com.

Indeed, mobiquantacademy.com (apparently uninfected) was active a few days ago which indicates that something is still happening at the company. But fixing their web site is not one of those somethings..

Strangely too, Mobiquant managed to push out a press release (don't click the Mobiquant link on that page) in the past few days about being invited to a conference (is that really news?).

Now, I don't know exactly what is happening at Mobiquant, but it does seem that they are recklessly ignoring the problems with their web site which is placing customers and visitors at risk. Is that really a good way for an IT security company to behave?

UPDATE: after publishing this post a year ago and noting that the problem has been cleaned up, Mobiquant have responded to my criticism by making personal attacks and making statements that are not true. My personal opinion is that this just shows what an unprofessional organisation they are, I would certainly not recommend doing business with them under any circumstances.

Firstly, Mobiquant did acknowledge there had been an issue with their site:

From:     Grzegorz Tabaka [markcom@mobiquant.com]
Date:     26 August 2013 19:14
Subject:     Mobiquant Technology

Dear Mr. Langmore,

My name is Grzegorz Tabaka, I am communication manager at Mobiquant Technology.
Let me first congratulate you for your great blog dynamoo.com. I went through it today, and I saw your post about us regarding the issue we had few weeks ago with some malicious code that infected our website.
I know you sent us messages about it, unfortunately we didn't receive any of them, please accept my apology for that.
I only wanted to inform that our website has been cleaned weeks ago and now is completely safe.
I suppose you wont delete this post about Mobiquant, but would you be so kind and post there a short statement, that the website is now clean and safe to visit? I will be really grateful if you could do that.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask,

looking forward to prompt reply.

best regards
So, as requested I amended the post to say that the site was clean. But I still had my reservations over a company that did (and still does) rely on fake WHOIS details to protect its domains, and that did not bother responding to multiple reports of an issue with their web site.

Mobiquant then decided that instead of engaging in a dialogue, they would launch a personal attack against me in their blog. Their blog got deleted for some reason (I assumed they they had done it), something that happened several months ago.. but now they have decided to blame me for it and have republished it (I suspect that all they did was screw up their own DNS entries, but whatever).

To be clear, I did not request that their blog be removed. The post they made about me was so badly written and petty that it clearly demonstrated what an unprofessional organisation Mobiquant is. And company that would behave in this way does not meet the minimum ethical and professional standards that a business should have. I'm not going to link to their blog, but I will respond to it:
We learnt  (by different security friends) that the CONRAD LONGMORE loves denigrating people, revealing their personal life for free BUT DON T LIKE THIS FOR HIMSELF. ;-) YES ! in fact he asked GOOGLE to remove his post from the results in the Google search. Crazy ! that our White security Knight don t like what he does to (some) honest people and companies to ensure the Buzz and traffic on his eCommerce Blog where he is still selling crap things that Have nothing related about security.
So here we are again guys !!
Sure, I will reveal the details of bad actors when I find them. But I never put in a request to Google to remove the blog, simply because this laughable and pathetic rant from Mobiquant simply shows what kind of an outfit they are.
Earlier, in August we were informed  by some partners of a strange post from a guy claiming being a "security expert". This dude called Conrad Longmore from a blog we never heard about (dynamoo), posted an article about Mobiquant Technologies. He maybe got his freeware antivirus warning him about a malicious javascript resulting of an infection on our hoster files. The strange thing here is fully about the behaviour of the guy claiming to belong to the security community. After 20 years in the sec arena we never seen a hacked victim behing blamed and denigrated having its website infected. What about the hackers? sure it requires a real true technical work. Not given to everyone.
Actually the truth of what happened is that I attempted to contact them several times with no response. From all the evidence at the time, it appeared that all activity at the company had ceased, which was backed up company reports in France. My criticism is that Mobiquant ignored the problem and had their site infected for several weeks, not the thing that make an IT security company look good. Not that this paragraph does explicitly acknowledge that they were hacked,
We  made a quick search about this unknown blogger.
[removed to avoid Google removal ]$
He is using a personal blog space on google blogspot, after apparently having tried several corp domain (www.Conrad-longmore.co.uk 404 error, no files) and a wordpress free space (http://en.wordpress.com/tag/conrad-longmore/ 404 error , no files).)
Wow.. a dead website parked at a host I don't use and a WordPress tag about me. And your point is....?
No company, no professional profile. Jobless or Yet another freelancer. Website : dynamoo.com seems to be a fake or outdated (last update 2003) website as many links are broken. Kind of blogsite quickly setup and stopped by this myserious guy.
We found some related facebook link :https://www.facebook.com/conrad.longmore‎ ,  with a profile picture of a guy having a walk in the british countryside holding a bag with a kiddy puppet  in the back :
I don't mention the company I work for, for a number of reasons. But bits of my website haven't been updated since 2003? Wrong. There are bits of my website that haven't been updated since the mid-1990s. And actually I blog about stuff most days, but really.. what's is Mobiquant's point. As for the Facebook profile, they are referring to this picture.

Yes, there's a stuffed reindeer peeking out of my backpack of the photo on my Facebook page. Oh no.
and a twitter account with some strange twitts taking position for the [removed to avoid Google removal] community :
The original post read:
and a twitter account with some strange twitts taking position for the  homosexual community : 
Basically, Mobiquant went through all my Twitter posts and found something advocating gay rights, which they are using a reason to attack me. Does this make Mobiquant a homophobic company? I'll let you make up your own mind, but given that Mobiquant appears to operate partly from Morocco, then the answer is definitely maybe.
After having contacted the guy , our team did not have any answer from him.
Which is not true.
Seems that this guy is using various ways to drive some traffic to his blog by denigrating different websites and people with no reasons claiming they are all hackers or malicious internets users and has already many enemies apparently:
Hell, yes.. the bad guys tend not to like you much if you spoil their evil plans. But as for "no reasons".. well, anyone who reads my blog can see that it is very much centered around evidence.
This is clearly to make some business about mobile items sold on his web and by using this  technique of degritation to do some buzz ( audience is poor) he is  selling mobile accessories. Security ? ecommerce ? mobile accessories ? strange guy ;-). People are complaining on forums about receiving spam email from him to buy mobiles parts : "
Conrad Longmore does appear to sell all kinds of things,  including mobile phones, and portable air conditioners, so the guy must have read the site and added the PS for shits and giggles" :  Forum of victims describing what happened to them.
I have some old (and dead) affiliate links on my personal website promoting all sorts of things. So what? And I was a victim of a Joe Job a long time ago, after exposing this criminal activity. So what?

The malware a classical non critical  HH. JS, among thousands variants of this kind,  have spreaded thoughout the web since years, and it has infected again this summer up to 252 000 website among which Apple.com and some others which were unavailable for nearly one week for some of them.
Our dude find that on our website, which is obviously technically hosted on a distinct independent infrastructure than the corporate one, thought it was a valid and major reason to drive a deep dive study about : the company, its financial status (with French reading bad expertise ;-)) , our management, our domain .... and yes absolutely not about this malware, the security countermeasures etc . In short nothing related with security and IT.
The malware was Redkit, which was a very dangerous exploit kit. As far as I know, Apple.com was never infected with Redkit. The infection is clear from my original blog post. But in particular, the infection was dangerous because the site was still running with no apparent oversight, and the victims would have been mostly IT administrators and similar which is basically paydirt for the bad guys who had hacked the site.
The funny thing is that he did criticize our website about having a temporary non critical js malware and we thought we should find a perfect website on his side. This was aboslutely not the case:
- broken links(25/70), outdated references( last update is 2003),blogsite is  badly designed, coded and graphically disgusting. We even find 5 vulnerabilities and it  looks like a beginner web blogger.
This is the non-critical issue that was in fact an exploit kit. And my site is "graphically disgusting"? Oh no! As for vulnerabilities.. well, I'm not aware of any. The site is simply coded, and you'll notice that they don't actually have any supporting evidence.
By the way we decided not to take any action again this anonymous strange blogger which apparently is using strange techniques to exists and shine on the web to make money on our back.
I could turn this paragraph around and use it about Mobiquant myself.
Finnally, after some discussion with famous security real bloggers on the web most of them told us they never heard of him and few who did know him,  had some negative feedback about his behaviour. As in any case a security professional will  blame a hacked victim for being infect or hacked. Our company never decided to be infected for some days earlier during summer time. This mix of corporate, financial -(he is also a financial expert ;-)) and personal elements in a security analysis demonstrate clearly the guy is somehow not in the security space but just personnally blogging using security as an excuse.
Did you really? But notice again, they admit to having been hacked despite denying it in the same post. Internal inconsistencies like this are an easy way to spot a lie.
This is how the web is going nowadays :  giving some space  to unknown people, having lot of freetime to blog on all and nothing.
Perhaps if Mobiquant hired some professionals rather than the kind of idiot that wrote this, then the company might be in better shape.

Remember.. I got word of this compromised web site and tried to warn Mobiquant several times (something made more difficult by their fake WHOIS details) but I never got a response. So I instead communicated with the web host and domain registrar to attempt to get the threat removed, and warned the wider community that the Mobiquant site was dangerous. If Mobiquant actually read their emails then they would have know there was a problem, which is entirely their own fault.

Anyway, Mobiquant are entitled to their point of view, but my point of view is that in my personal opinion, this is a deeply unprofessional company that you should avoid doing business with.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

PayPal spam / dialupwily.org

This fake PayPal spam leads to malware on dialupwily.org:

From: service@paypal.com [mailto:criticizea@seneseassociates.com]
Sent: Wed 17/04/2013 18:49
Subject: Receipt for your PayPal payment to Konrad Rotuski

Feb 18, 2013 10:54:32 PDT


You sent a payment of $149.49 USD to Konrad Rotuski (criticizea@seneseassociates.com)
Thanks for using PayPal. To see all the transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.


Konrad Rotuski
criticizea@seneseassociates.com Note to seller
You haven't included a note.
Shipping address - unconfirmed
United States
 Shipping details
USPS Priority Mail
Description Unit price Qty Amount
TAG Heuer Men's WAU6277.BA3900 Formula 1 White Dial Stainless Steel Watch
Item# 566741455709 $149.49 USD 1 $149.49 USD
 Shipping and handling $0.00 USD
Insurance - not offered ----
Total $149.49 USD
Payment $149.49 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as PAYPAL Konrad Rotuski
Payment sent to criticizea@seneseassociates.com 

Issues with this transaction?
You have 45 days from the date of the transaction to open a dispute in the Resolution Center.

Questions? Go to the Help Center at: www.paypal.com/help.

Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click Help in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

To receive email notifications in plain text instead of HTML, log in to your PayPal account, go to your Profile, and click Notifications.

PayPal Email ID PP387

The link in the email goes through a hacked Wordpress site to a malicious landing page at [donotclick]dialupwily.org/closest/incomming_message.php (report here) hosted on (Transit Telecom, Russia). More malware domains to come..

Monday, 4 August 2014

"Important - BT Digital File" spam

This fake BT spam has a malicious attachment:

Date:      Mon, 4 Aug 2014 08:48:51 -0430 [09:18:51 EDT]
From:      Marci Tobin
Subject:      Important - BT Digital File

BT Digital Vault     BT

Dear Customer,

This email contains your BT Digital File. Please scan attached file and reply to this email.

If you have any questions or forgotten your password, please visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" at www.bt.com/personal/digitalvault/help or call the helpdesk on 0870 240 7221* between 8am and midnight.

Thank you for choosing BT Digital Vault.

Kind regards,
BT Digital Vault Team

*Calls charged up to 8 pence per minute on the BT network (minimum fee 5.5p). Mobile and other network costs may vary. See http://www.bt.com/pricing for details.

Please note that this is an automatically generated email for your information only. We are sorry, but we can not respond to a "Reply" to this address.

This electronic message contains information from British Telecommunications plc, which may be privileged or confidential. The information is intended for use only by the individual(s) or entity named above. If you are not the intended recipient, be aware that any disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this electronic message in error, please delete this email immediately.

Registered office: 81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ Registered in England no: 1800000
The attachment is BT_Digital_Vault_File.zip which contains a malicious executable BT_Digital_Vault_File.exe which has a VirusTotal detection rate of 5/54. According to the Comodo CAMAS report the malware reaches out to the following URLs:

Recommended blocklist:

UPDATE: the following spam also has the same payload..

Date:      Mon, 4 Aug 2014 11:41:18 +0000 [07:41:18 EDT]
From:      Companies House [WebFiling@companieshouse.gov.uk]
Subject:      Incident 7132163 - Companies House

The submission number is: 7132163

For more details please check attached file.

Please quote this number in any communications with Companies House.

All Web Filed documents are available to view / download for 10 days after their
original submission. However it is not possible to view copies of accounts that
were downloaded as templates.

Companies House Executive Agency may use information it holds to prevent
and detect fraud. We may also share such information, for the same purpose,
with other Organizations that handle public funds.

If you have any queries please contact the Companies House Contact Centre
on +44 (0)303 1234 500 or email enquiries@companies-house.gov.uK

Note: This email was sent from a notification-only email address which cannot
accept incoming email. Please do not reply directly to this message.

Companies House
4 Abbey Orchard Street
Tel +44 (0)303 1234 500 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Malware spam: "The Insolvency Service" / "Investigations Inquiry Notification" / chucktowncheckin.com / chapelnash.com

This malware spam in unusual in many respects. The payload may be some sort of ransomware [UPDATE: this appears to be Cerber].

From: The Insolvency Service [mailto:service@chucktowncheckin.com]
Sent: 19 January 2017 12:22
Subject: EGY 318NHAR12 - Investigations Inquiry Notification

Company Investigations Inquiry
Informing You that we have received appeal regarding your company which indicates corporate misconduct.
Your Inquiry Number: 84725UPTN583
As part of this occasion we have made our own background investigation and if it occurs to be in the public interest, we can apply to the court to wind up the company and stop it trading.
Also if the performance of the director(s) who run the company is questionable enough, we can commence proceedings to disqualify them from governing a limited company for a time span up to 15 years.
The investigation can give us information that we can transmit to another regulatory body that has more suitable powers to deal with any concerns the investigation uncovers.
Help Cookies Contact Terms and conditions Rhestr o Wasanaethau Cymraeg
Built by the Government Digital Service
All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated   
© Crown copyright

Sample subjects are:

LSV 354EMPU31 -  Investigations Inquiry Reminder
JXI 647TESR39 -  Investigations Inquiry Reminder
SHV 622WYXP68 -  Investigations Inquiry Notice
QPY 661APWZ41 -  Investigations Inquiry Notice
FHF 338SYBV85 -  Investigations Inquiry Notice
EGY 318NHAR12 -  Investigations Inquiry Notification
IZJ 296CNWP92 -  Investigations Inquiry Notice

All the senders I have seen come from the chucktowncheckin.com domain. Furthermore, all of the sending servers are in the same /24:

All the servers have names like kvm42.chapelnash.com in a network block controlled by Reg.ru in Russia.

The link in the email goes to some hacked WordPress site or other, then ends up on a subdomain of uk-insolvencydirect.com e.g. 2vo4.uk-insolvencydirect.com/sending_data/in_cgi/bbwp/cases/Inquiry.php - this is a pretty convincing looking page spoofing the UK government, asking for a CAPTCHA to download the files:

Entering the CAPTCHA downloads a ZIP file (e.g. 3d6Zy.zip) containing a malicious Javascript (e.g. Inquiry Details.js) that looks like this [Pastebin].

Hybrid Analysis of the script is rather interesting, not least because it performs NSLOOKUPs against OpenDNS servers (which is a really weird thing to do give that OpenDNS is a security tool).

The script downloads a component from www.studiolegaleabbruzzese.com/wp-content/plugins/urxwhbnw3ez/flight_4832.pdf and then drops an EXE with an MD5 of e403129a69b5dcfff95362738ce8f241 and a detection rate of 5/53.

Narrowing the Hybrid Analysis down to just the dropped EXE, we can see these peculiar OpenDNS requests as the malware tries to reach out to:

soumakereceivedthiswith.ru ( - FLP Sidorenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Russia)
sectionpermiathefor.ru ( - Online Technologies, Ukraine)
programuserandussource.ru (does not resolve)
maytermsmodiall.ru (does not resolve)

It isn't exactly clear what the malware does, but you can bet it is Nothing Good™.

I recommend that you block email traffic from:

and block web traffic to


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Red Sox Baseball spam / lindoliveryct.net

This fake Red Sox spam leads to malware on lindoliveryct.net:

Date:      Thu, 22 Aug 2013 13:02:19 -0400 [13:02:19 EDT]
From:      ticketoffice@inbound.redsox.com
Subject:      Thank You for your order. ( RSXV - 4735334 - 0959187 )

Thank you for your recent ticket purchase. We truly appreciate your support and commitment to Red Sox Baseball. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please contact our Ticket Services department by calling (toll free) 877-REDSOX9.

Note that you will receive a separate email within the next two business days which will include the vouchers you will need for both parking at the Prudential Center and your Duck Boat ride to the ballpark, included in each End of Summer Family Pack purchase.

Please remember that all sales are final-there are no refunds or exchanges issued on any tickets. Also note that all game times are subject to change. Be sure to visit redsox.com for the latest Red Sox news and any game time updates.

Thanks again! We look forward to seeing you at the ballpark this season.

Boston Red Sox Ticketing Department

The following is your on-line ticket purchase summary:

Order Summary

Paid by:

Deliver To:
Kyle Ortiz
Ship via - Regular Mail

Delivery Method: Regular Mail

Tickets will be mailed no later than one week prior to the first game in your order.
NOTE: All amounts for this event are in US Dollars ($)

Your confirmation number is: RSXV - 4735334 - 0959187
The tickets you have purchased are:
White Sox at Red Sox
Friday, 8/30/13
at 7:10PM EDT
Section    Row    Seat        Price    Type
G21     16    4         $55.00    End of Summer Family Pack
G21     16    5         $55.00    End of Summer Family Pack
G21     16    6         $55.00    End of Summer Family Pack
G21     16    7         $55.00    End of Summer Family Pack
Convenience fee for 4 seats $18.00

Subtotal: $238.00
Order Processing: $7.00
Total: $245.00

Thank you,

The Boston Red Sox

The link goes through a legitimate hacked site (in this case using a WordPress flaw) and ends up on [donotclick]www.redsox.com.tickets-service.lindoliveryct.net/news/truck-black.php (report here) which is actually the domain lindoliveryct.net rather than redsox.com.

The WHOIS details for this domain are fake and indicate it is the work of the Amerika gang:

        Teresa Richey zsupercats@yahoo.com
        40 Parker Street
        Phone: +1.9783615311

The malicious domain is multihomed on the following IPs which host several other malicious domains: (Goykhman And Sons LLC, US) (BT, UK) (Perspectiva Ltd, Russia)

Recommended blocklist:

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Malware spam: "Administrator - EDCSRP earmarking (Update 07_21_2015).doc" / "Internal ONLY"

These two spam email messages have the same malicious payload:

From:    Administrator@badeleke [Administrator@victimdomain]
To:    badeleke@victimdomain
Date:    24 July 2014 at 10:30
Subject:    Administrator - EDCSRP earmarking (Update 07_21_2015).doc


This attachment(EDCSRP earmarking (Update 07_21_2015).doc) provides you with managing facilities for your mailboxes, public folders, distribution lists, contact and mail service general settings. Please save the attached file to your hard drive before deleting this message.

Thank you,


From:    Incoming Fax [Incoming.Fax@victimdomain]
To:    administrator@victimdomain
Date:    18 September 2014 at 08:35
Subject:    Internal ONLY

**********Important - Internal ONLY**********

File Validity: 07/21/2015
Company : http://victimdomain
File Format: Microsoft word
Legal Copyright: Microsoft
Original Filename: Internal_report_07212015_5542093.doc

********** Confidentiality Notice **********.
This e-mail and any file(s) transmitted with it, is intended for the exclusive use by the person(s) mentioned above as recipient(s).
This e-mail may contain confidential information and/or information protected by intellectual property rights or other rights. If you
are not the intended recipient of this e-mail, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying, or action taken
in relation to the contents of and attachments to this e-mail is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have received this
e-mail in error, please notify the sender and delete the original and any copies of this e-mail and any printouts immediately from
your system and destroy all copies of it.
Note the odd dates on the spam email. In all cases, the attachment is called EDCSRP earmarking (Update 08_21_2015).doc and at present it has a VirusTotal detection rate of 7/55. It contains a complex macro [pastebin] which (according to Hybrid Analysis) downloads additional components from:


Automated analysis didn't work on this and frankly instead of reinventing the wheel I refer you to this note from @Techhelplistcom which reveals an executable being downloaded from:


This domain was registered just yesterday to an anonymous person and is hosted on  (ISP4P, Germany) so we can assume that it is malicious. But here's an interesting detail.. if you look at the Word document itself it does actually claim to be from the University of Montreal (click to enlarge).

That seems like a lot of effort to go to, more than is usual for this type of drive-by attack.The malicious executable philips.exe has a detection rate of 13/55 and again, the Comments field has a useful list of IP address to block thanks to @Techhelplistcom.

This whole thing is Upatre dropping the Dyre banking trojan, and it's quite clever stuff. Perhaps your best defence is a user education programme about not enabling active content on suspect emails..

Recommended minimum blocklist:


Monday, 1 August 2016

Malware spam: "Please review the attached corrected annual report." / "Corrected report"

This spam comes with a malicious attachment:

Subject:     Corrected report
From:     Joey Cox (Cox.48@sodetel.net.lb)
Date:     Monday, 1 August 2016, 13:37

Dear webmaster,

Please review the attached corrected annual report.

Yours faithfully
Joey Cox
The name of the sender will vary. Attached is a ZIP file with a random name, containing a malicious .WSF script beginning with "annual report". This attempts to download Locky ransomware from one of the following locations (thank you to my usual source for analysis):
b-doors.ru/l65n0 - hash

The dropped binary then attempts to phone home to: (Optizon Ltd, Russia) [hostname evradikfreeopti.ru] (Digital Ocean, Netherlands) [hostname belyi.myeasy.ru] (FLP Kochenov Aleksej Vladislavovich aka uadomen.com, Ukraine)

The host for that last one comes up over and over again, it's time to block that /22..

Recommended blocklist:

Thursday, 17 April 2014

omronfitness.com hacked, used in pharma spam run

Overnight I received about 500 messages similar to this:

Thank you for considering our products and services, your information arrived today.

Alright, here's the link to the site:

Proceed to Site

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Regards, Bethany Briseno, Support Team manager.


Thank you for your letter of Apr 17, your information arrived today.

Alright, here's the link to the site:

Proceed to Site

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Regards, Silas Mixon, Support Team manager.


Thank you for considering our products and services, your information arrived today.

Alright, here's the link to the site:

Proceed to Site

If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely, Jenna Golden, Support Team manager.


Thank you for your letter of Apr 17, your information arrived today.

Alright, here's the link to the site:

Proceed to Site

If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely, Fredricka Palacios, Support Team manager.
In each case the message was from either "Support Center" or "Ticket Support" with a subject in the form of "Ticket [#5409290]" (the number is random).

The links in the email go to a legitimate site omronfitness.com belonging to Omrom Healthcare which has been hacked to serve illegal pharmacy pages, for example:

The landing page does not appear to be malicious, but care should be taken. See this URLquery report for an example.

Omron is a multibillion dollar Japanese corporation, but it appears to have been hacked through an insecure WordPress installation which is rather shabby.

One amusing sidenote, the server that hosts omronfitness.com also hosts another Omron-owned site moronfitness.co. Enough said.

Update 22/4/2014: Omron say that they have now fixed the issue.

Friday, 17 October 2014

eFax message from "02086160204" spam

This fake eFax spam leads to malware:
From:     eFax [message@inbound.claranet.co.uk]
Date:     17 October 2014 11:36
Subject:     eFax message from "02086160204" - 1 page(s), Caller-ID: 208-616-0204

Fax Message [Caller-ID: 208-616-0204]

You have received a 1 page fax at 2014-10-17 09:34:48 GMT.

* The reference number for this fax is lon2_did11-4056638710-9363579926-02.

Please visit https://www.efax.co.uk/myaccount/message/lon2_did11-4056638710-9363579926-02 to  view  this message in full.

Thank you for using the eFax service!
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The telephone number seems to very but is always in the 0208616xxxx format.

The link in the email goes to some random hacked WordPress site or other with a URL with a format similar to the following:


Then (if your user agent and referrer are correct) it goes to a fake eFax page at which does look pretty convincing. (Incidentally if the UA or referrer are not right you seem to get dumped on a pills site of naturaldietpills4u.com).

The download link goes to which is a ZIP file containing a malicious executable FAX_20141008_1412786088_26.exe which has a VirusTotal detection rate of 4/54.

The Malwr report is interesting because it contains many references to bacstel-ip which is the name of an online payment system used by UK businesses. The malware also contains the string
runas /profile /env /user:mydomain\admin "mmc %windir%\system32\dsa.msc
 If you are a sysadmin then you might recognise this as being the "Active Directory Users and Computers" admin tool. So, are the bad guys probing for sysadmins?

The malware connects to the following URLs:

I recommend blocking (Digital Ocean, US), (IO-Hosts Ltd, Russia) and (Arachnitec, US)

Recommended blocklist:

Friday, 16 September 2016

Inspiral Carpets hacked, leads to The Quantum Code binary options spam

This type of binary options scam spam comes in waves every so often:

Subject:     Welcoming speech
From:     jeffriesvx@mail2nancy.com
Date:     Friday, 16 September 2016, 3:31

Good day!

We are looking for employees working remotely.

My name is Glen, I am the personnel manager of a large International company.
Most of the work you can do from home, that is, at a distance.
Salary is $2600-$5500.

If you are interested in this offer, please visit Our Site

Good day!

It's not very interesting to tell the truth, but it relies on hacked WordPress sites in order to provide landing pages. Of course, hacking someone's site to do this is illegal and no legitimate business would promote itself like this.

What I noticed was the URL in the email..
Inspiral Carpets? Yup, that's the website of the Manchester rock band of the same name. Rather than a carpet shop. As this URLquery report shows, it lands on..

cash-onlines.com [] (Enzu, US)

There's a familiar landing page..

Clicking the link goes to www.the-quantumcode.com hosted on (Terratransit, Netherlands). This is some bollocks about a binary options trading robot which will apparently make you millions. Obviously this is a scam, because if it was really that easy we'll all be doing it.

One little scammy trick is a counter to tell you that loads of people are looking at the site but there are only a small number of slots available.

The numbers are completely made up. If you look exactly the same page in another browser window, they are different.

It's hard to say if the spam was sent out by whoever runs the binary options site or an affiliate. But it's still crap either way.

Hosted on the same server are the following domains which are probably more of the same plus a load of other bollocks:



Friday, 21 March 2014

"Companies House" spam and (again)

This fake Companies House spam comes with a malicious attachment:

Date:      Fri, 21 Mar 2014 11:05:35 +0100 [06:05:35 EDT]
From:      Companies House [WebFiling@companieshouse.gov.uk]
Subject:      Incident 8435407 - Companies House

The submission number is: 8435407

For more details please check attached file.

Please quote this number in any communications with Companies House.

All Web Filed documents are available to view / download for 10 days after their
original submission. However it is not possible to view copies of accounts that
were downloaded as templates.

Companies House Executive Agency may use information it holds to prevent
and detect fraud. We may also share such information, for the same purpose,
with other Organizations that handle public funds.

If you have any queries please contact the Companies House Contact Centre
on +44 (0)303 1234 500 or email enquiries@companies-house.gov.uK

Note: This email was sent from a notification-only email address which cannot
accept incoming email. Please do not reply directly to this message.

Companies House
4 Abbey Orchard Street
Tel +44 (0)303 1234 500

Attached is an archive file CH_Case_8435407.zip which in turn contains the malicious executable CH_Case_21032014.scr which has a VirusTotal detection rate of 3/49.

The Malwr analysis again shows an attempted connection to a Linode IP at using the domain aulbbiwslxpvvphxnjij.biz.

The malware also downloads a config file from a hacked WordPress installation at [donotclick]premiercrufinewine.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/2103UKp.qta plus a number of other domains that are not resolving (listed below).

I would recommend that you the following blocklist in combination with this one.