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Tuesday 6 May 2014

ccccooa.org - another hacked WordPress site

ccccooa.org ("Cumberland County Council on Older Adults") is another hacked WordPress site being used to serve pharma spam. I got 82 of these all at the same time..

From:     Linkedln Email Confirmation [emailing@compumundo.info]
Reply-To:     emailing@compumundo.info
To:     topsailes@gmail.com
Date:     6 May 2014 13:41
Subject:     Please confirm your email address


Click here to confirm your email address.

You will be asked to log into your account to confirm this email address. Be sure to log in with your current primary email address.

We ask you to confirm your email address before sending invitations or requesting contacts at Linkedln. You can have several email addresses, but one will need to be confirmed at all times to use the system.

If you have more than one email address, you can choose one to be your primary email address. This is the address you will log in with, and the address to which we will deliver all email messages regarding invitations and requests, and other system mail.

Thank you for using Linkedln!

--The Linkedln Team

This email was intended for [redacted]. Learn why we included this. © 2012, East Middlefield Road. Mountain View, CA 94043, USA 
One example landing URL is [donotclick]www.ccccooa.org/buyphentermine/ which leads to a sort of intermediary landing page..

This is turn goes to a redirected at [donotclick]stylespanel.com/h/go/phentermine.php and then to [donotclick]www.hq-pharmacy-online.com/search.html?q=phentermine which is a fake pharmacy site hosted on (LeaseWeb, Netherlands) which is registered to a probably fake address in Argentina.

Avoid.. oh, and if you run a WordPress site please make sure the software is up-to-date.

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