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Friday 28 November 2008

French "Bill Gates" lottery scam

A colourful lottery scam featuring Bill Gates. The pitch is that the Bill Gates Foundation is running a lottery and you have won €400,000 which for some reason will be paid through a bank in the Ivory Coast. It is all written in fairly simple French, and it isn't difficult to see that the pitch is basically the same as in English.

Subject: Toutes Nos "Felicitation !!!!! Vous Venez De Gagnez La Somme De 400.000Euros"

From: lottery_cristal2008

Bonjour Mme / M,

Nous vous contactons par cette presente pour vous informer de votregain à la Bill Gates fondation ISABELLE CHEVALIER

Ceci n'étant donc pas un spam ni un virus, veuillez trouver en fichier joint votre notification de gain.



Directrice des Opérations



Contact Agent

NOM ET PRENOMS : Bouah Williams Herve

numéro de téléphone: 0225-02 73 98 90


Unusually, the scam comes with a PDF attachment that gives more details. On the principle that unsolicited PDF files can often come with nasty surprises, here is a JPG version for you to enjoy (click to enlarge):

A strange mismash of elements that looks unconvincing, but it does seem that people still fall for this type of trick.

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