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Friday 24 July 2009

"Best Crisis Prices": dotbestshop.com / bestcrisisprices.com fake shops

I mentioned bestcrisesprices.com a few weeks ago, and it seems that they have a new domain called dotbestshop.com which is also a fake ecommerce site.

Both sites are hosted on an an anonymous hosting account at in Malaysia, the domain contact details are either anonymous or fake. The contact details on the website are also fake, and have been stolen from legitimate businesses.

It claims to be a member of the BBB, but it isn't as the BBB reports that it is mis-using their logo.

This is part of a large organized crime ring, nominally connected with China. Although it claims to be based in Louisiana, there is no evidence at all that this is a US operation. Avoid dealing with them at all costs.


aimeelynn818 said...

Any website that asks for a money gram rather than a credit card is suspicious. We tried to order a treadmill with them, we refused to send a money gram but (before I realized they were a scam), we sent CC info. They charged our card and then said that our CC info was invalid. This blog is the only one where I have found info on their website--the word needs to be spread!

Unknown said...

I ordered the treadmill and paid for it but did not see anything. I also got an email with telephone number from a guy in US but the phone is not in service.
I do not know it operates from Malaysia. Otherwise, I would not order it. This must a crime ring. Got get them, FBI.

Unknown said...

I ordered a treadmill from them also. I thought it was weird that they only accept the GreenDot money packs, but the treadmill was a great price, so I sent the $ anyway. 3 weeks later and I'm still waiting for the treadmill to arrive, so I checked the website and its been "down for maintenance". I emailed them and never got any response. So I figured that I got scammed. I called greendot and their claims department wants me to fax them a copy of my receipt from greendot and they'll investigate it. So we'll see what happens I guess. Originally I was searching for treadmills on craigslist and I found their posting with their link for the website.

Unknown said...

I admit it - I too got scammed and I'm normally very careful.
Outside of the payment options it's a very well done site.

Based on what I've been able to find, the scammers change their website every month or so. The one that just got registered is onsalebazaar.com but it doesn't appear active yet. I found some evidence that they are cycling through and reusing websites so some of the old ones may come back up again.

Sites that appear linked to thier scams are:

mecandoit said...

I just got ripped off by onsalebazaar. Wish I had googled it before sending $. Seemed suspicious, but I went ahead despite my better instincts. Called MoneyPak and they told me the same thing as they did Ahmed....so, I'll fax receipt and card tomorrow. Also filed a complaint with the FBI Internet crime group. Anybody have any luck dealing with MoneyPak?