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Tuesday 24 August 2010

north-europ.com job offer scam

This is a fraudulent job offer originating from an IP address in Vietnam, with a ridiculous salary for doing next to nothing:

Hello message

We are in a hurry to offer you position in the building Company.
In few words our Company provides huge circle of building services like
building, landscaping, interior and exterior design of premises, houses etc.

We offer you:
- career growth
- flexible working day
- minimal requirements to become the part of our team

Job description:
- type of work: part time position
- the place to work: your home office
- territory of work: you area(city)
- salary: 60.000 euro per year + percents of transactions
- principle of work: work with clients/partners getting tasks online

If you are interested please respond with the C.V. or minimal contact data to the e-mail: Allison@north-europ.com

We are interested in cooperation to the people who live in Europe.
north-europ.com uses Google to handle its mail and doesn't have a website. The WHOIS details have a very familiar email address of lapatasker@earthling.net.

    Aleksandr Lapatau
    Email: lapatasker@earthling.net
    Organization: Private person
    Address: Lenina, 34, 8
    City: Minsk
    State: Minskaya
    ZIP: 456123
    Country: BY
    Phone: +375.172427204

Infrastructure is in various locations around Russia. Avoid.

1 comment:

Markh said...

Thanks for putting this info. on the web. I received the same email /scam and was wondering if that was real. It looked too good to be true, so I decided to look for the company from the email address that I received which was: Lawrence@north-europ.com. And I found your blog.Thanks again.