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Monday 8 November 2010

Massive yourfreeworld.com / downlinegoldmine.com spam run

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a spam run is a Joe Job, or if the spammer is really a moron.

Over the past few hours, a massive spam run has been caught by several spamtraps and has also been spammed out heaving to spamcop.net email addresses:

From: Rohit Seth - YourFreeWorld <seth@yourfreeworld.com>
Date: 8 November 2010 07:39
Subject: Amazing New MLM Scripts, Mass Mailers, Downline Builders
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From the desk of Rohit Seth

WHOS details are consistent with the message:
  Registrant :
    Name: Rohit kumar Seth
    Organization: Dr. M.Seth & Co.
    Address: S-5,Naveen Shahdara
    City: Delhi
    State: DE
    Postal Code: 110032
    Country: IN
    Phone: +91.0112232
    Email: rolovedeep@yahoo.com

The originating IP is [Point North Networks / XO Communications, US] pointing to two spamvertised sites, downlinegoldmine.com on and yourfreeworld.com on  [both at Hostime, Orlando].

Almost all MLMs are some sort of scam, and these are two sites promoting MLMs. But these sites also promote "safe email sendlists", but clearly sending hundreds of spam emails to spamtraps is clearly a poor definition of "safelist".. it's almost as if this activity is deliberately designed to generate spam complaints..

..and here's the thing. There's no evidence linking to the alleged sender, and sending massive amounts of the same email to SpamCop.net addresses is either a massively stupid move, or it could be a deliberate attack on these sites by an unknown party.

In my opinion, both yourfreeworld.com and downlinegoldmine.com look like crappy sites that are worth avoiding. 


Unknown said...

I got hit with ~5.5K individual spam emails from him this morning.

Conrad Longmore said...

Wow.. I was cross with just 107 of them!

I note that Hostdime are doing their usual response to spam complaints.. i.e. f*ck all.

Pierre said...

Got 545 messages in 90 minutes last night from "YourFreeWorld".

Conrad Longmore said...

Sites seem to be down at the moment, along with several other associated domains. Looks like someone might have pulled the plug!