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Tuesday 8 March 2011

"Debt Advice UK" Sussex

You know when you are dealing with a dodgy outfit when they robo-call your mobile from a supressed number with a recorded message that starts "Please do not hangup" and then blabbers on about debt management, inviting you to press "2" to talk to an adviser.

The dodginess continued when the "adviser" at the other end could not confirm the name of the company he worked for (he claimed not to know!) except for a name of "Debt Advice UK" and didn't give any address other than "Sussex". There is no company in the UK of this name, and since I'm TPS registered then they should not even have been calling.

The hidden phone number, blatant disregard of TPS and refusal to give a company name or address definitely has all the hallmarks of something highly unethical.

If anyone has details of these scumbags, please feel free to add a comment!

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Gabriella said...

Sorry to tell you thet the problem of companies circumventing or ignoring TPS isn't confined to the UK. In Italy our equivalent Registro Opposizioni faces problems as well. Call centres in Italy keep calling with numbers hidden unlawfully. But the latest idea is outsourceing to call centres in Roumania. Hapless girls phone from hidden numbers, candidly admit they ignore the Registrar, and won't provide organisation name ond number.
The European Commission is monitoring all this but no remedy seems forthcoming.
61 year young from Tuscany,
fed up with unsolicited calls.