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Thursday 28 April 2011

Fake "Lapatasker" job domains 28/4/11

This particular scam has been around for a couple of years and is so common now that I've christened this group of scam domains "Lapatasker" after the email address used in some of the older WHOIS details.

New domains for this scam (all registered on 26/4/11) are:


The (probably fake) contact details on the domains are:

    Vilechka Pelka
    Email: rewerta12@yahoo.com
    Organization: Nord Atlantic.
    Address: 15 Av Albert Ier 143
    City: Braine l'Alleud
    State: Braine l'Alleud
    ZIP: 1420
    Country: BE
    Phone: +3.3223874153
    Fax: +3.3223874152

As ever, avoid.

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