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Thursday 11 August 2011

Fake jobs: unionhire.net, wugcareer.com and wugoffers.net

Three new fake job domains registered in the past couple of days to the fake "Alexey Kernel" registrant, forming part of this very long running scam.


As before, there is a series of spam messages advertising so-called "jobs" from these companies, but in reality they are criminal activities such as money laundering.

If you have a sample email, please consider sharing it in the Comments. Thanks!

1 comment:

j.eriksen said...


WUG Co is interested in finding quality candidates to conduct all facets of what we do for our clients.
This will mainly include all aspects of providing consulting services, marketing, and customer service work we do for our clients.

Successful candidate will be motivated, outgoing, open minded, team orientated and best of all want an interesting rewarding well paid job.
Please note that salaries vary greatly depending on geographic location, but a guaranteed pay rate of 2000 EUR per month with opportunities for bonuses and commission will remain invariable.
Please also note that this is an opportunity to make extra income during a first half of the day.

Main Requirements:

-Excellent communication skills
-With strong desire to work
-Possibility to work part time
-Residing in Norway or surrounding areas within EU.

No experience in a financial sector is required as full training and support will be given in order to help you gain the essential qualifications needed to become a part of our company.

If you find this interesting, we kindly ask you to specify your telephone number in international format, including access codes, current city of residence and our HR specialist will be in touch with you shortly to provide more details about this job.

We await your acceptance of this offer and look forward to long-term cooperation with you.

Best Regards,
Meghann Abshire
Personnel Assistant