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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Virus: "Help! I'm in trouble!"

Another virus-laden email, technically very similar to this one yesterday:

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 08:28:46 +0700
From: Saffi@victimdomain.com
To: victim@victimdomain.com
Subject: Help! I'm in trouble!

I was at a party, got drunk, couldn't drive the car, somebody gave me a lift on my car, and crossed on the red light many times, I've just got the pictures, maybe you know him?
Here is the photo

I need to find him urgently!

Thank you
The name of the sender varies, but the approach is to use the same domain as the victim to make it look more believable. In the sample I have, the "Here is the photo" link 404s, but you can guarantee that it is malware.. so don't click that link!

Update: the malicious payload is on blredret.ru  ( at 23vnet Kft in Budapest (again). The Wepawet report is here. Blocking that IP proactively is probably wise.

Update: this spam run is happening again, but with a different set of malicious IPs (read more)

1 comment:

UD said...

yes last time got the same kind of content!!....were a belive how this possible it comes accross my antispaam