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Wednesday 25 May 2016

Malware spam: "Weekly report" / "Please find attached the Weekly report."

This fake financial spam comes from random senders and companies and has a malicious attachment:

From:    Alicia Ramirez
Date:    25 May 2016 at 14:22
Subject:    Weekly report

Hi [redacted],

Please find attached the Weekly report.

King regards,

Alicia Ramirez
Castle (A.M.) & Co.
There are a large number of these, with a ZIP file attached containing a malicious scripts with a typical detection rate of 3/56. In this sample Malwr analysis, it downloads a file from:


There will certainly be a LOT of other download locations. The dropped file GSKQtcnNu8MS.exe has a detection rate of 4/55 and that same VirusTotal report indicates C2 traffic to: (Hetzner, Germany) (PP SKS-LUGAN, Ukraine) (Digital Ocean, US) (OVH, France)

Even though other automated analysis failed [1] [2] this time we have previously identified two of those IPs as being Locky ransomware, so there is little doubt that this will be more of the same.

Recommended blocklist:

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