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Wednesday 23 November 2016

Malware spam "Please Pay Attention" leads to Locky

This fake financial spam leads to Locky ransomware:

Subject:     Please Pay Attention
From:     Bill Rivera
Date:     Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 9:45

Dear [redacted], we have received your payment but the amount was not full.
Probably, this occurred due to taxes we take from the amount.
All the details are in the attachment - please check it out.
The name of the sender will vary. In the sample I analysed, a ZIP file was attached with a filename beginning
lastpayment_ followed by the first part of the recipients email address. This archive contains a randomly-named malicious .JS script that looks like this.

This particular script (and there will be others) downloads a malicious component from one of the following locations:


According to this Malwr report a malicious DLL is dropped with an MD5 of def0d0070d4aed411b84ebd713fd8b92 and a detection rate of 6/56.

The Hybrid Analysis clearly shows the ransomware in action and shows it communicating with the following URLs: [hostname: djaksa.airplexalator.com] (Selectel, Russia) [hostname: kostya234.itldc-customer.net] (Layer6, Latvia) (OVH, France)

Recommended blocklist:

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