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Friday 23 December 2016

02085258899 - tech support scam (using anydesk.com, teamviewer.com and supremofree.com)

If these people ring you DO NOT GIVE THEM ACCESS TO YOUR PC and either hang up - or waste their time like I do.

It seems there are some prolific technical support scammers ringing from 02085258899 pretending to be from BT. They had a very heavy Indian accent, and they have made many silent calls to my telephone number before today. They claim that hackers are accessing my router.

I wasted 37 minutes of their time, these are some of the steps to watch out for..

  1. They get you to open a command prompt and type ASSOC which brings up a big long list of file associations, in particular they seem interested in one that says .ZFSendToTarget=CLSID\{888DCA60-FC0A-11CF-8F0F-00C04FD7D062}
  2. Then they get you to bring up the Event Viewer by typing EVENTVWR and then clicking "Custom Views" and "Administrative Events". This is a log file that will always show a whole bunch of meaningless errors (such as network faults). It's quite normal for this to look quite bad to the untrained eye.
  3. Then in order they try to get you to connect to the following services to take remote control of your PC: www.anydesk.com, www.teamviewer.com and www.supremofree.com. All of these are legitimate services,but I have to confess I'd never heard of the last one.. so I will add it to my corporate blacklist.
  4. When those didn't work they tried directing me to a proxy at hide.me/proxy and www.hide.me/proxy (the same thing I know) which is probably another candidate for blocking.
Of course, once they have access to your PC they will try to convince you that you need to pay them some money for technical support. Be warned, that they can render your PC unusable if you don't pay, and they can also steal confidential data. Despite how many times they may tell you they are from BT, they are not.. they are simply fraudsters.


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Unknown said...

Just received a phone call from a woman with a heavy Indian accent. Saying that someone from Manchester had hacked into my mother's account, not realising they were speaking to her daughter. They went on to say that they needed to know what devices we had & they needed the CLSID number so they could identify the person etc. & sort if out. When I refused to tell her what devices we had & said I wasn't with BT, she said that didn't I know that BT were the international providers for all the networks. I still refused to give any make, model of any devi es & then asked her to tell me what this CLSID was & quickly googled it. Straight away I saw scams coming up about this. She became a bit exasperated & impatient with me & I could tell she wss getting annoyed. When I'd finished reading all of this oarticular article about the scams & told her I would hang up & did.

I'm so grateful to those people who have shared their stories otherwise I would've been convinced. Be aware they are very convincing & pushy. I found thus wkman extremely forceful & rude at times. Go with your instincts & cut them off!