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Tuesday 13 June 2017

Bellatora Inc (ECGR) pump-and-dump spam

It's been a little while since we've since an illegal pump-and-dump spam from the Necurs botnet, but here is a new one pushing a company called Bellatora Inc (stock ticker ECGR)
From:    Lillie Maynard
Date:    13 June 2017 at 09:37
Subject:    Here's why this company's shares are about to go up tenfold next week.

Yes, it's been some time since I reached out to you with something good but trust me… the wait will have been worth it.

I promised you that I'd only give you a tip if I had something spectacular, and today I do.

Remember my buddy in California who works at Accel? I had lunch with him yesterday and he told me that he firm is about to invest 50 million bucks into a small Marijuana company.

Basically they make weed vaporizers and their stuff is flying off the shelf because both weed, and vaporizers are all the craze right now.

Anyway, long story short, they're putting all that cash in the company at a price of $1.17 per share and yes you guessed it… it's way higher than where the stock price is as we speak.

The price is at just over 10 cents right now. This means that when they announce their involvement in a few days it should go up about tenfold overnight.

In fact, if you look at the chart, the price was at a little over 2 dollars a few weeks ago. My buddy tells me that his firm ‘crashed' it artificially so that they'd have more bargaining power at the table and it makes sense... They're coming in at just $1.17 instead of over 2 dollars.

Nonetheless this is a really rare chance for us to get in. I'll pick up at least 50,000 shares today and I think you should do the same.

The name of the company is Bellatora Inc. and its ticker is ECGR. If you do decide to tell a couple of your friends, please do me a favor and don't mention me by name.

Lillie Maynard
Bellatora seems to be involved in the vaping market, including medical marijuana vaping. I've seen a couple of other P&D spam runs in the past pushing stocks in this industry [1] [2].

Over the past month, the price of ECGR stock has cratered from over $2 per share to just 10 cents today. Yesterday someone traded 455,000 shares of that stock.

According to MarketWired this company has changed names several times over the years:

Company History
- Formerly=Oncology Medical, Inc. until 9-2016
- Formerly=Vianet Technology Group, Ltd. until 4-07
- Formerly=UTTI Corp. until 2-07
- Formerly=Unitech Industries, Inc. until 1-99
- Note=12-96 state of incorporation California changed to Delaware upon emergence from Chapter XI bankruptcy under Federal Bankruptcy Code
A quick look at the financials for this company turns up.. nothing. Which is kind of odd.

Anyway, stock being pushed through illegal pump-and-dump operations such as this is not being done for YOUR benefit, but for some party who holds a lot of stock. Avoid.

The spam run has been going on for about six hours, but has slowed down in the past few hours.

Version 2 - 13th June

It didn't take long for the second version to come out.. and there could be a lot more to come.

From:    Alisa Rich
Date:    13 June 2017 at 15:39
Subject:    Let me tell you why this stock will go up 10x by next week.

Haven't heard from me in a while right? That's because I'm not one to waste your time.

Whenever I do email you, it's because I've got something good. Really good.

My good friend who works at the big VC out in NY invited me for a bite yesterday. Nothing unusual, we always eat lunch together right?

However yesterday he gave me a really amazing piece of information and I want to share that with you.

The place he works at is basically injecting more or less 50 mill into this small American company that's in the cannabis business. Apparently, they've got some really amazing distribution and even better technologies.

Anyway... to make a long story longer he said the value they are coming in at is right around 1.20 a share and that this announcement will be made public some time in the next few days.

Given that the shares are at just 12 cents right now, do you have any idea what's going to happen when the announcement is out?

Yep, you guessed right... It's going to jump up 10 times, literally overnight.

The cannabis company is: Bella tora Inc.

You can buy it if you type E C G R in your brokerage account.

Feel free to tell only your closest friends about this. I really have no clue when the next time I get a tip will be.

Take care,
Alisa Rich


Unknown said...

This is not accurate information. This should be noted as a malicious rumor.

Conrad Longmore said...

Hi Atom,
What is not accurate?

Tim Robles said...

I've received the same mail, but it's from Freda Thomas today at 10:13 a.m. (-05:00 UTC)

This is just spam or a kind of fraud, the orthography is terrible, even I noticed that.

Ariel said...

I share your feeling Tim...I've just received a very similar mail, with the same terrible "dixit" and sent by Graciela Rhodes. I find this as a fraud better than kidding. Just be careful.

Uxian said...

There's nothing inaccurate about this. I frequently get these pump and dump scam emails and I've received one so far today targeting your company. The last campaign I saw lasted several weeks claiming that QSMG were about to launch a cure for cancer.

BudMan said...

Not to mention the 1 for 1500 reverse split in September 2016 for ECGR.

A real winner, there.

T Rogers said...

Atom Miller is listed as the CEO of Bellatora Inc. HAHAHA I received 4 emails from Martha, Mable, Justine and Callie at 3:25 am 4:36 am, 8:56 am and 11:06 am yesterday. This is the very definition of a PUMP and DUMP. You may not be in on it Atom, but someone is, and they are solely trying to rip people off.

Unknown said...

I think Atom is the one running this pump and dump.

Unknown said...

Atom is the CEO

Conrad Longmore said...

I haven't seen any more of this spam, just two runs. But some previous P&D spam runs went on for weeks.

Fayad said...
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Frank Toti said...

As longmore said small number of emails no press by the company this is a shareholder doing something malicious or existing his position which is his right. looks to me like a shareholder did this on purpose, not in a smart manor either, literally crashed it.

Stop accusing people of a scam when you have no clue whats going on.

Frank Toti said...

Small Number of emails, No press into it, rapid crash in price from $2 to .07. No thought into selling at all. This is a malicious shareholder existing a position which is his right. Somebody is mad at the this company and the have alot free trading shares to crash it.
If this was a pump dump scam it could have been played for a much longer time and a ton more money. Unfortunately looks like it will kill this company

Accusing the CEO based on pure speculation is Wrong.

Frank Toti said...

Accusing the CEO of taking part in it is just wrong.

This a probably a malicious share holder who crashed it on purpose. No press playing into it. No thought to milking it for as much money as possible. Just someone with alot of free trading shares to throw at it.

Conrad Longmore said...

@Frank Agreed, there's no evidence that identifies any individual or group. It was very odd though that it stopped so abruptly, typically a spam run like this goes on for days.

Typically the person trying to manipulate the stock will own some of that stock (they may have bought some just before the spam run or could be a long-standing shareholder). Usually they are small-cap and thinly-traded stocks, but in 2013 someone attempted the same approach on AAPL stock.

Unknown said...

Cmon bro, it was the CEO

Conrad Longmore said...

@Bradley, I don't have evidence of that. However, I would that if this stock promotion was done in good faith by any party but later went awry, then they should say so.

Truthteller said...

Atom's brother Eden Miller is a day trader. He's the one who dumped the 455,000 shares.

They've done this before with their previous company that sent bankrupt.

There is an open SEC fraud case against Atom and Eden, but they live in a trailer on the beach in Carlsbad, .ca so there is no address to sue them.

Shady as a palm tree these brothers are.

Stay away. These guys are scumbags.

Unknown said...

Exclusivepennystocks.com has been pumping thus stock heavily too..almost guaranteeing this stock would run from 7 cents to over 60 cents in just a matter of weeks...the head analyst at exclusivepennystocks name is Dennis raymond

Unknown said...

It was marketed heavily by Xoom Media. They pushed it to 2.25. It crashed so fast, my 2.20 stop loss didn't finish until 1.40 (about 1 hour)