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Saturday 5 May 2007

"Theft Case" spam

Note: there are quite a few people called Eric Rapaport, who are perfectly normal people (such as this this one) Unless you are researching a weird spam email, then this is not the Eric you are looking for.

Some spammers are evil. Some spammers are stupid. In the case of Eric Rapaport of Las Vegas, it looks like this particular spammer needs psychiatric help. (Note, there may be other Eric Rapaports - this one lives in Las Vegas).

My first reaction to the following spam was that it looked like a Joe Job - that is a piece of "fake" spam that is constructed to make it look like it comes from an innocent party in order to get them into trouble. My first reaction when I saw this was that it wasn't sent by Eric Rapaport, but by someone out to cause trouble:

Subject: Theft Case - 50% reward on recovered assets.
From: info@Accounting1st.Com
Date: Fri, May 4, 2007 6:43 pm

Nature50 % reward on money recovered from microsoft Employment Fraud, stolen movies and stolen concert proceeds.

This case can also viewed by clicking on: www.AplusSoftware.NET/Theft.HTM or www.TheftCase.Com

Yes, I am formerly commander and director Rapaport of the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency fired me so that they could get away with bank frauding me for money I made writing small parts of microsofts product line and for money I made writing various movies, with out being prosecuted.

PS. Maybe I should include this in my emails to lawyers.

I practiced law enforcement for free for the 5 years I was in it part time in order so that they would not accuse me of conflict of interest or accepting gratuities for the money I made in the film, computer and music industries. At this point I would rather sue the military for back pay and for denying that my career ever existed rather than be poor the rest of my life.

If we can get the military to admit this then we should be able to get 5 years part time pay at minimum of 70K per year which = $175,000.00

It's structured a little like a 419 "advanced fee fraud" with the promise of s lice of $175,000. Indeed, PCPlus blogged about it some months back with the same conclusion. However, the truth is somewhat stranger than that.

In fact, this spam does appear to come from Eric Rapaport.. and it isn't an advanced fee fraud scam. Attached to the spam is a long and rambling Word document which is where this really gets strange (feel free to scroll to the bottom when you get the picture!).

50 % reward on money recovered from stolen movies / Microsoft Employment Fraud / stolen concert proceeds.
Most of the lawyers I have contacted on the web do not believe the below enclosed mass theft case. Yes it is unbelievable.
In response to this I thought I would describe verifiable things that made me successful in the entertainment and computer industries.
At 12 years old I was accepted to the Aspen Music Festival and School (at this time the Aspen Music Festival and School was about 50 % Juilliard students - the best classical music school in the world). I attended Aspen for 7 summers.
At 14 years old I started sitting in with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, members of the John Denver Band and Al Cooper ( founder of Blood Sweat and Tears) in night clubs in Aspen. I continued sometimes sitting in with bands of this type for the next 15 years.
At 18 years old I went to the Berklee College of music for one semester (perhaps the best rock and jazz music department in the world).
At 19 years old I realized that I might not ever make a good living in the music business and I started Colorado State University as a Computer Science Major (and took computers extremely seriously).
At the same time I was a computer science major I spent a lot of time playing in night clubs and playing small concerts in Colorado and sometimes around the country.
At 25 and 26 years old I sat in occasionally with the band Kingfish (there were some Grateful Dead members in this band).
Every thing above this line should be verifiable. All in all a good start towards possibly making it big in either the computer or music industries.
In 1994 due to my karate ability I started being a body guard for some celebrities in Beverly Hills.
With 15 – 20 million per leading role you can bet that there are Amnesia causing drugs around to keep people from remembering their business meetings or to even keep people from remembering their own names.
The true mass theft case below is extremely unbelievable. As to why no one is responding to me regarding debts or copies of return checks that I need to prosecute thieves, I can only speculate.
From 1994 through 1997 I made a lot of money writing parts of national software packages, scripts for movies, advisor positions, having roles in monster suites and playing concerts. People even willed me money I don’t remember getting paid for.
In response to this someone slipped me some extremely powerful drugs that caused selective Amnesia and stole a lot of money out of my bank accounts. I even spotted some houses recently that I think I owned.
If I split this money with who ever helps me collect, there could be more than 5 million in it for each of us.
If you do not wish to respond but wish to help, you could have a lawyer who specializes in this kind of thing respond.
I have corrupt co-workers and criminals writing letters in my name and even sometimes steeling mail out of my mailbox therefore, I am finger printing all of my letters.
I would like to remind anyone thinking of intercepting this letter that interfering with the federal mail is a federal offence.
Thank you
Eric Rapaport – 626-590-1817
WWW.AplusSoftware.NET/Theft.HTM or WWW.TheftCase.Com
Houses I believe I am supposed to own include :
- 146 N. Eagle Dr. Big Bear Lake City CA
( I ran Lone Eagle Computer Company out of this house )
- 45760 Baldwin Lake Rd. Big Bear Lake City CA
- 6847 1 st Ave. Phoenix AZ
- 1907 Overland LA CA – apartment complex
- 4647 E. Fransico # 103 Tempe AZ
- 4310 S. Fair Ln Tempe AZ
- 1437 Honysuckle Dr. Albuquerque NM
- 7100 Rio Grande N.W. Ave. Albuquerque NM
- 414 E AABC Aspen CO
- 907 waters Aspen CO ( I received this house for writing
part of the movie mouse hunt and as with the other
properties someone is claiming they own it ). – Universal
pictures is not coming forward.
- 308 Pfister Aspen CO
- Beverly Hills ? Bel Aire ? Scottsdale ? Salt Lake?
Cars I believe I am supposed to own include :

1 1992 Firebird (California plates)
2 Trans Ams
1 1995 Camero, 3 Lexus’s
2 Cadillac Escalades
1 Lincoln mark IV Arizona AHN-491
95 Monty Carlo 2g1ww12mo59232911
97 Monty Carlo 2g1ww12m4v9115480
1 Bonneville
91 – Camero – 1g1fp23exml135038
Nissan Maxima gwz-828 hawaii JNICA21D3WT603610
STS 32V northstar Cadillac g6ky5298ru833791

Software I Helped Write
Windows 98
Visual Foxpro 3.0 - microsoft
Excel 7.0a – microsoft
microsoft Money - microsoft
Advised microsoft with Janna Contact Manager, microsoft Word, Windows 98, Visual Basic, microsoft Cad
and various accounting stuff. For this I received 1.29 million dollars, which was afterwards stolen. Janna Gates and Theifsoft are unavailable for comment.

Main Plots I wrote
The Net, Speed II – Written by Sandra Bullock and I. I need copies of any check that might have been written before I can prosecute thieves.
Practical Magic – never paid
Hope Floats – never paid
Wild Wild West (the movie) – I wrote about 1/3 of this on location and will probably not be paid.
U.S. Marshals – never paid
The Patriot – 1996 – Steven seagull – paid?
The Arrival – 30 K - never paid
Con Air – Main plot written by (Mary Reagan - Ronald Reagan’s Grand Daughter)?? , Jackson Brown and I. - never paid?
Mercury Rising - never paid?
Soldier – This is a take off on the movie IA that I produced and star in and I was told IA was going to go out. Why was this plot stolen ?? The Airforce was supposed to get some of the proceeds from the movie IA.
Ronnin – Main plot written by Robert Deniro and I – 400 K stolen – Speak up Mr. Deniro.
Stargate – It took me an amazingly long time to remember I wrote about 50 % of this main plot and was one of the extras.
The Volunteers - I wrote about 1/3 of this main plot on location in China. Tom Hanks Paid 100k? - afterwards stolen.
The Body Guard – Paid 100K? – afterwards stolen.
The Replacement Killers – I wrote this entire main plot as Mira Sorvino and Chow-Yun Fat knows.
Conspiracy theory – Never paid
Tequila Sunrise – Never Paid
Honeymoon in Vegas – In addition to writing the main plot I was one of the flying Elvis’s and can be seen at time indexes 13:03, 1:26:25 and 1:31:24. MGM Pictures never paid? Speak up Mr. Cage and
Ms. Parker.
Critters – Never paid
Galaxy Quest - Never paid.
Jumangi - I wrote most of this movie in Beverly Hills and on location. never paid?
Starship Troopers Paid 15 K? which was afterwards stolen. Come forward with a return check touchstone pictures.
The movie Twilight Zone – Never paid
Deal of the Century – Never paid
The 3 amigos – Never paid
Star Trek – The Voyager movie and the movie with the Whales – I wrote most of these 2 movies – Never paid?

Advisor positions
Excess Baggage ( I was the advisor for the fighting footage) - paid 50 K? – afterwards stolen
Jaws The Revenge (I wrote most of the sub plots) – never paid
Tuskegge Airmen - paid 40 K – afterwards stolen
Contact – 50 K - paid? – afterwards stolen
La Femme Nikita - This advisor position that I did almost nothing on was supposed to pay well.
- paid? – afterwards stolen
Tomorrow Never Dies – Never Paid? - I was the advisor for the final fighting footage and I did the Halo jump.
The Man Who Knew Too Little – 100k? – afterwards stolen – Speak up Mr. Murray
Men In Black (in addition to writing the sub plots to this movie I also was 2 of the aliens and I wrote a little of the computer graphics at the very end), paid 160 k? which was afterwards stolen. Will Smith did not write this in spite of what the credits say.
What Dreams May Come – Robbin William tripped over my head in this movie - never paid
Patch Adams – never paid
The Water Boy – never paid
Armageddon – never paid?
Boogie Nights - never paid?
Above the Law – 1988 – warner brothers – 100 k paid? – afterwards stolen
The Making of Bobby Fisher
GI Jane – I contribute almost nothing to this movie, but did request 15 K for 2 days of my time. – never paid
Adams Family Maters – I produced the School Play fencing match.
Vegas Vacation – paid – afterwards stolen.
Mouse Hunt – I created Catzilla (w/help) and wrote the plot to the very end of Mouse Hunt when the mouse went in to the gourmet cheese business with the house owners.
Indecent proposals – I suggested that “Mr. Redford take Ms. Moore by helicopter to a party on a luxury yacht for their date and he should be a perfect gentleman in order to make this a clean movie”. – never paid.
Deep Rising – Paid 10 K? – Afterwards Stolen.
The Edge – paid? – afterwards stolen.
Starwars 4 – I wrote the small part of the plot with the floppy eared thing accidentally opening up the container of explosive balls and then I did a double back summer salt and then the explosive balls blew up the enemy tanks.
Alien and Monster Roles
I was 2 of the aliens in Men in Black. – never paid?
I was the alien that got decked by Will Smith in Independence Day, in addition to being the alien in the control booth in the mother ship. – never paid
I was the monster in the movie The Relic. – never paid
I was the alien at the end of Alien Resurrection. Paid?
Billy Joel (a full concert tour for $110,000.00 is what I remember. All money was paid to me and was afterwards stolen).
Fleetwood Mac – a small amount of concerts that should have paid well. – never paid
Grateful Dead – At least 8 Concerts. In Addition to this I gave Bob Wier a 30 K check to reform the band with me in it. If the band was not reformed with me in it the 30k was to be given back to me.
Shawn Colvin – a small amount of concerts. – never paid
Mickel Jackson – 2 concerts – 100 K was paid and was afterwards stolen.
Pat Methany
Austin City Limits – never paid
Meet Loaf - 5 concerts - Paid afterwards stolen.
Olivia Newton John – Paid?
I wrote most of the music to the 1997 movie the Titanic that John Horner got all credit for.
In addition, I can clearly be seen on the rail to Mr. DiCaprio’s left hand side at time index 2:43:15
Never paid ? Ms. Dion and Mr. DiCaprio – speak up.
Virtual Insanity – piano parts – never paid?
Produced a Whitney Houston Record with several other producers. Paid 10 K which was afterwards stolen. – I probably played most of the Keyboard parts on this record.
Co-writer for the theme song to Adams Family Matters. – never paid
Kenny Loggins – Christmas record – piano parts.
I get knocked out – I wrote the Flugel Horn parts – never paid?
Sheril Crow – Global Sensation – some of the Tenor Sax parts – never paid
I wrote “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” – never paid?
I wrote “Brand New Day” – supposedly by Sting – never paid
Keyboard parts on Phil Collins version of True Colors?
CIA Agent – Linda Beadling who was murdered willed me 5K, which was afterwards stolen.
The man who was Barney Dinosaur most of the time willed me 400 K, which was later stolen.
I was an alien for about 20 seconds in one Star Trek the Next Generation Episode. The 5k was stolen.
I co-produced one Mellisa know all episode and co-produced one Mellisa the teenage witch episode. Mellisa Hart is denying that she knows me.
I made one brief appearance on Mr. Belvedier. Paid – afterward stolen.
I seem to remember a one episode show called Sandavol. If this aired I was Sandavol. – never paid?
I seem to remember an appearance on the David Letterman Show with Bob Weir and Annitta Baker.
If this aired : Mr. Letterman owes me 20k - 15k.
Stargate – Besides writing about 50 % of the movie Stargate, I wrote the main plot to the episodes with the Pyramid space ship invading earth’s solar system and getting blown up. Co-writer for the virus episode and the cave in glacier episode. Never Paid - Richard Dean Anderson – Speak up.
Advisor to the Bay Watch episode with the gun fight on the glacier, Dolphin episode in Hawaii and Construction workers starting a natural gas leek and accidentally exploding it with a cigarette. Was there an episode with a brown bear? David Hasselhouf feel free to respond. – never paid
Friends – I co-wrote the episode with car trouble in bad weather. Paid 10 K? – afterwards stolen.
I was Barney Dinosaur in 1 or 2 Barney Dinosaur episodes.
Mad TV’s – I wrote Patch Kavorkian. – never paid?
Married with Children – I wrote the Foodies and cruise ship episodes – Never paid.

I all most never write dialog. The little bit of dialog I remember writing is.
Patch Adams – I wrote the dialog when Robin Williams was telling the patents that they do not have to worry about paying their bills while wearing a large nose. – never paid
U.S. Marshals – I wrote the dialog when the U.S. Marshals are speaking with the swamp guides. – never paid
90210 – “Shannon La Pu”
Forest Gump’s comment on integrated busing – “We have coon problems at my house. They get in the trash and then ma shoes them off and then they leave us alone for a while”.
I also wrote the shrimp dialog in this movie. – Never paid?

- Fluffy Gellars booking agent for Maybaline – paid?
I did buy several Trans Am’s, 2 Cameros, 1 Lincoln Continental, 1 Firebird that were later stolen.
Speak up Pontiac, Crysler, Chevorlet, Lexus, Lincoln Continental and Cadillac.
- I did spend 2 million with Universal on a movie staring myself called IA?
Karate Tournaments
Chuck Norbis vs. Me – 1988 CBS – 1996 un-televised. Where is my money Norbis ?????
Is Norbis thinking ?? – If I don’t pay anyone for participating in tournaments maybe that means that the tournaments?? did not happen?? 6 tournaments X 100 k = 600k – Never paid?
Why are there so many thieves?
If you are listed above and have not paid, please pay.
If you are listed above and have paid, please provide me with copies of return checks so that the thieves may be brought to justice. / ( 50% reward on recovered money).

Final notes: I was planning to spend most of my money on clean fuels research and development. Therefore, this case is also a environmental terrorism case.
I practiced law enforcement for free for the 5 years I was in it part time in order so that they would not accuse me of conflict of interest or accepting gratuities for the money I made in the film, computer and music industries. At this point I would rather sue the military for back pay and for denying that my career ever existed rather than be poor the rest of my life.
If we can get the military to admit this then we should be able to get 5 years part time pay at minimum of 70K which = $175,000.00

As the spam itself say.. yes, it is "unbelievable".

In fact, absolutely everything matches up and points towards Eric Rapaport. The quoted URL of www.AplusSoftware.NET/Theft.HTM also contains a copy of these allegations. That URL is registered to

9109 W. Sahora #105-G12
Las Vegas, NV 89117-5772

And it was registered way back in 2002 to a Louise Rapaport. The homepage of aplussoftware.net indicates an unremarkable small computer business operates from that site (although with a California address). The accounting1st.com domain this email has been sent from is also registered to Eric Rapaport, and has been since 2005. The domain theftcase.com is also in Rapaport's name and was registered in April 2006.

The websites for accounting1st.com and theftcase.com are hosted on along with the domains ericrapaport.com, rapaport1.com, medicalsoftware.ws, 1sthighspeed.com, workorderssoftware.com, computerresumes.net, purchaseorderssoftware.com, and gold1st.com (which are also all registered to Eric Rapaport). There are thousands of other sites on which are probably completely unrelated.

www.rapaport1.net is on a nearby server at 1stdiamonds.com is another Rapaport site.

The spam itself originates from which resolves to a Cox Communications subscriber address in Las Vegas.. where Eric Rapaport lives. Everything seems to point to Eric Rapaport being the person behind this bizarre spam.

The spam itself is unusual in that it has been doing the rounds for some time. This sighting is from November 2005, this one from September 2004, this one from September 2006. Vernsblog [nsfw] has even more information running back to April 2005 (use the search function for more).

Eric - if you're reading this.. I think you need some help.


Anonymous said...

This is a response to the Blog writers from Eric Rapaport -

If I were claiming to be a former cia director and were not, do you think I would still be walking around unharmed?
You are delusional if you think this.

If I were claiming to have written part of Microsoft's product line and did not then Microsoft would sue and they are not.

If you are nice to them maybe uncle sam or Microsoft will let you sue me for them.




Nerdmaster said...

D00d this guy is the real d33l. Check out his resume skillz: http://ericrapaport.com/ and http://www.rapaport1.net/

From the design of the sites it's pretty clear he's that same eric rapaport. And possibly insane, or possibly just a scammer.

Ric said...

I know this is an old post. I got this email today. Same formatting. He's at it again.

chatelaine said...

My brother got a hard copy of this at work in the late 1990s. It's/he's been around forever.

Alex said...

Just got one of these today. WTF.

Lexi said...

I got one of these today, it has a different layout but sheesh, it's 2019.

pchazzz said...

It's 2020 and Eric is still at it! A sample:

23 million US citizens killed by the US government between Wellington Colorado and Nun Colorado - 23 was the Black Flag confession to me and the number might be 28 million.
(in addition, when I was the head of IA for the US, Northern Colorado was packed full of mass murder cannibal police, mass murder cannibal sheriffs and mass murder cannibal highway patrols. I don’t know what the current state of the problem is.)

Where would you hide 25 million dead bodies? Not to mention that figure is almost 4 times Colorado's population of just under 6 million. Wait! I've got it! Maybe the cannibal sheriffs ate them!


Unknown said...

February 2021, another sighting!
A sample:
Yes, I am formerly commander and director Rapaport of the CIA. The Central Intelligence Agency fired me so that they could get away with bank frauding me for money I made writing small parts of microsofts product line and for money I made writing various movies, without being prosecuted. The agency also stole 4-5 congressional Medals of Honor from me.

I initiated the Aldrich Ames investigation.

CMH #1 - Colorado cannibal war
CMH #2 - Arizona cannibal war
CMH #3 – Somalia
CMH #4 – The China incident
CMH #5 - All other over sees ops. Iraq, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Fiji, Panama, Ect……

Here are your crime tips:
I read that Steven Seagal was accused of multiple counts of rape and it is being investigated by Beverly Hills PD.
In 1996? I got Steven Seagal off of rape charges at his request in Aspen for 1 million to the victim.
I suspected that he might kill his victim and take the money back after he paid so I made sure that her family and CIA Director Tom Roberts had the evidence on the money.
This is true (what I wrote above this line did happen).

Did the following happen?
Did Steven Seagal kill his victim and her family and take the money back with or without CIA director Tom Roberts help?

The following is what Steven Seagal did to me (I have also been a screen written for most of my life.)
I wrote Hard to Kill, Marked for Death and The Patriot 1996 - 400k paid - Steven Seagal has refused to turn over any evidence of the payment. The money was deposited into Nationwide bank uptown Blvd. in Albuquerque which is now Bank of America and the bank will not admit that the check ever existed. This makes Steven Segal and Bank of America guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank robbery.

I also wrote parts of Above the Law and small amounts of Steven Seagal movies not listed above.

TheBetbezeConspiracy said...

This is the one I got today