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Monday 17 September 2007

More dating scam sites

Another bunch of scam sites relating to the dating scam we described a few days ago here. The set up is the same - a spam email from a fake address leads to a fake dating site. Once the scammers have their victim hooked with a pretty girl, then they can still reeling him in by his wallet.

  • Andiloveyoutoo.com
  • Closecalluk.info
  • Companymailpro.info
  • Ezquickclose.info
  • Firstloveall.com
  • Healthelovesite.com
  • Imailvision.info
  • Lovegreatthing.com
  • Loveisaclick.com
  • Loveisexcellent.net
  • Loveyouloves.com
  • Nearout.info
  • Onlyloveall.com
  • Openprotection.info
  • Procloseonline.info
  • Toonear.info
  • Worldmailworld.info

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nokishere said...

hI received email like this.
Thank you.