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Sunday, 9 September 2007

NatWest Phishing Phish

Phishers will try anything - this particular one is aimed specifically at UK-harvested email addresses and pretends to be a warning about.. phishing. Of course a real email from your bank should contain some personal details.. one interesting thing about this phish is that the data came from an online retailer.

Note that the "displayed" link is an invalid URL.

Of course, if you get one of these then it is very important to realise that it is a bogus email and you should not click on the link!

Subject: IMPORTANT SECURITY MESSAGE - Phishing emails - Be Aware!
From: "NatWest Online Banking"


Customers of many banks, including NatWest, have been receiving e-mails that
appear to come from their own bank. Do not respond to these emails if you
receive one. These e-mails are examples of a common type of email fraud known as

Phishing involves customers receiving an unsolicited e-mail claiming to be from
their bank. These emails attempt to direct the recipient to send their personal,
security or account information to them via emailing . These e-mails are
completely random and are not from NatWest. They are fraudulent attempts to
obtain your personal details through emailing.

This is why Our Support Division is
doing an arranged website update so as to help in securing your Online account
information and Prevent viruses, firewalls, spyware and Trojans.

By following the link below you
will open the procedure of the customer login verification:



These directives are to be
e-mailed and followed by all clients of the NatWest Bank OnLine Banking. NatWest
Bank does apologize for the problems caused to you, and is very appreciative for
your cooperation. If you are not customer of Natwest United Kingdom please
delete this notification!

**** This is an automated message,
please do not respond ****

2007 National Westminster Bank Internet Banking. All Rights Reserved.

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Unknown said...

Is the link intentionally broken?