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Wednesday 16 July 2008

Asprox domains: 16/7/08

The following Asprox SQL Injection domains appear to be active today. New ones are in bold.

  • adwnetw.com
  • adpzo.com
  • ausbnr.com
  • brcporb.ru
  • btoperc.ru
  • cdport.eu
  • cdrpoex.com
  • gbradde.tk
  • grtsel.ru
  • korfd.ru
  • movaddw.com
  • tctcow.com
  • usabnr.com
ngg.js still seems to be the name of the script file. Block these sites and/or check your logs.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

This virus took my site offline for 3 weeks and I had to seek an internet security company to fix my site.

It cost me £50 but well worth it after the hastle I have had!!

Hope this helps others: