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Wednesday 23 July 2008

Asprox domains: 23/7/08

A shift in domains used by the Asprox crew - these new domains are all in the .ru TLD and are registered via NauNet (contact details here). ngg.js is still the name of the Javascript file to look for, I suspect that vrcgoo.js might be a new name to keep an eye out for too.

  • 4cnw.ru
  • 4vrs.ru
  • 5kc3.ru
  • 90mc.ru
  • 9jsr.ru
  • bts5.ru
  • chds.ru
  • cvsr.ru
  • d5sg.ru
  • ecx2.ru
  • gb53.ru
  • h23f.ru
  • jex5.ru
  • jvke.ru
  • keec.ru
  • keje.ru
  • kgj3.ru
  • lkc2.ru
  • lksr.ru
For most organisations, blocking the entire .ru TLD will probably do no harm as these are usually always Russian language sites.

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