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Thursday 10 July 2008

"Dibag Industries AG" money mule scam

A money mule scam pretending to come from Dibag Industries AG - clearly trying to pass itself off as the wholly legitimate Dibag Industriebau AG who have nothing to do with it.

Of course there is a PayPal Germany and $78,000 a year for an Office Assistant is probably a little on the high side..

Subject: Office Assistant Required - 1500/week

We are a Germany company, we are doing business all over the Europe, our main
activities are real estate investments and digital currencies exchanges.
As a result of expading our business in North American region, our company must keep
up with our American customers accepting the most popular payments in the United
States: Paypal. We are currently seeking an dependable and enthusiastic US
representative to handle the transactions.
Being located in Germany, a transfer via Paypal system sent here can take up to 14
days to arrive, therefore we need a US representative with an US paypal account who
able to accept the payments from our US customers.
This will significantly improve our business, that's why we can pay 5% from every
transfer processed.
Almost anyone is accepted, but a verified paypal account is required, an account
where you will be receiving the transfers.
If you are interested to find more about this position, let me know at:

Thank you,
Martin Rohwerder
Dibag Industries AG

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Unknown said...

Please note that the mail sent comes from a different provider "cary leo" Othierry.bluet@wanadoo.fr than the one that they are asking you to send your reply to dibag_indus@live.com plus the send name is different to the name at the bottom of the letter.