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Friday 24 October 2008

"Ferrasano Ferrosan" scam email

Another scam job offer, this time it looks like money laundering. The email is perhaps unintentionally funny, and has a few new social engineering twists.

Subject: Internet Brings a Job Position that Changes Peoples Lives!
Err yeah, money laundering can lead to a prison sentence for the hapless money mule.
Greetings to Everyone in UK! You Have a Lifetime Opportunity to Start making up to 700 GBP per Week, Getting Paid Daily!
Wow.. *everyone* in the UK? That's some spam run.

Successful company from Norway - Ferrasano Ferrosan Group, Offers an Outstanding Job Position!
Googling for "Ferrasano Ferrosan" brought up exactly zero hits.. except for this post in a few minutes (probably).
This Is a Real Genuine Offer That You've Never Seen before, that Gives You Financial Freedom.
Of course, it isn't a "real genuine offer" at all. It's a scam.

Please Take Couple Minutes to Discover This Amazing Opportunity That Will Change Your Life.
But not change it is a GOOD way.

You Are Being Offered an Outstanding Job Position Called "Fund Operator"!
i.e. a money mule.
Here are Few Requirements Before You Apply:

1. This Offer is for United Kingdom/Great Britain Only.
2. You Have to Have 2-3 hours of spare Time Monday-Friday.
3. You Have to be Enthusiastic About It and Be Able to Provide Us With Best Service.
4. No Past Experience Required/ No School Degree Required!
5. Be Able to Check E-mail 4-5 Times a Day and Stay in Touch With us Throughout the Day if Possible!
6. You need to be gullible.
Company Itself is Based in Norway, although Ferrosan is a worldwide health center that Distributes Businesses All Over the World and We Represent
our Norway Location, Fairly Young, but Successful Organization. With the Help of
Google Advertisements it Was Possible to Deliver This Message to You! Nowadays Internet Makes it Possible for Us to Interact on a Whole New Level.
Ferrosan is a genuine company, but it is based in Denmark. It was founded in 1919. "Google Advertisements"? This must be the upcoming "Google Spam (beta)" then.

Full Information About Position Will be Given in Full Package that You Can Request by E-mail, See Below How to Request Full Package.
I'll give that a miss, thanks.

Some References about Position:

Jeff Sparks states in "In Touch Weekly" magazine: "..Great Britain discovers great
opportunity from FF Group.."

Linda Abramke states in "Forbes" magazine: "..Internet simplifies communication and provides more opportunities..", talking about our job position.

Melissa Richardson states in "Cosmopolitan" magazine: "..New opportunity for single moms or students..", talking about simplicity and reliability of position.
These are all completely fake, of course, it's just another piece of social engineering. Sometimes 419 fraudsters uses references on CNN or the BBC to try to add credibility.

You Will be able to Start Working with Us within 24 hours After You Apply and be
able to Start Making Money Immediately! Anybody can Do It, so Don't Hesitate
and Feel Free to Request Full Information, as It will Change Your Life, you will not
Have to Worry About Finances Anymore!
That "change your life" thing again...


KDW said...

Hi, I've just received this email and as anyone with common sense I've googled it which landed me here, just as I expected! These scammers really need to be stopped!

holcomser said...

Thank you for your interest in this position, offered to you by Ferrasano Ferrosan (located in Norway).
You have the chance to start making up to 700+ GBP a week, guaranteed. There is no start up fee. Position is very easy and very convenient to handle.

This is a new generation job position called Fund Operator, practiced by a number of international companies including ourselves.

Job Description:

Due to a taxation loophole between UK and Norway, your role will be a payment handler for our company. You will not have to deal with any products,
all communication is done via internet, you will not have to receive any contract, nothing like that, this is a part time position, everything is
simplified to the fullest and ready to use for you.

You get paid 10% of each transaction you receive and handle. Because you are an individual, we only have to pay 2% tax for every sale that we make through you
(as the payment handler, in other words sub distributor), rather than having to pay a higher rate as a company.

Thus it is more beneficial for us to handle our business this way with your help, through you.

Here is an example of what is involved. (You will receive instructions at every stage, from steps 1-5).


1. You receive $2800 GBP from us into your nominated bank account.

2. You go to the bank and withdraw 90%, and leave 10% for yourself.

3. You go to Western Union and send 90% of the amount to one of our agents. Note that Western Union fee comes out of 90%! You

don't spend your 10% to pay for any fees.

4. You send us an email with a report of the transaction.

5. As soon as we receive the report, you are given your next transaction the very next day!

Outcome: You earned 10% from $2800 GBP, which is $280 GBP, and that was just one transaction. Not bad at all, right?


1. Do I pay any tax?

This is not your income and the bank is aware of this, because we pay a fee to every Bank institution and it covers taxes for these transfers. And

it is one of the huge advantages of this position. All taxes for these transfers will be automatically dismissed for you.

2. Is there a contract I need to sign?

No, for your convenience this is a part-time position, and all you have to do is give us two days' notice if you wish to cease employment with us.

3. How many transactions a day can I make, and how often?

One transaction a day, five times a week, Monday- Friday. It could be four times a week, depending on your bank schedule. If your bank is closed on

Fridays, then you loose one day, one less transaction a week basically.

4. What products do you sell and what is the average amount I will work with?

We are big on electronics and computer sales, heating and air conditioning supplies, but we also can help any other company make a sale, so it can

involve auto parts, housing equipment, beauty supplies (such as tanning beds), and other quantities in big products.

5. How long will I be able to work for you?

You can depend on this opportunity until at least 7 June, 2010. We will have other opportunities available by that time, so you will be able to

continue on working with us.

6. Is this legal?

This activity is 100%, absolutely legal by any means - and all the laws. If it wasn't - we simply wouldn't offer this great opportunity.

7. Is this difficult?

The work is not complicated at all. Anyone can try it out, and help is always available from one of our representatives.

If you wish to work for us, and join our team, simply reply back with the following information, and one of our representatives will be in touch with

you shortly.


1. Your First name:
2. Your Surname (last name):
3. Your Address:
4. City/town:
5. Postcode:
6. Country: UK.
7. Your Mobile phone:
8. Your Home/landline phone no:
9. Name of your bank:
a) Sort Code:
b) Account number:
10. Your email address: (to contact you best)


Ferrasano Ferrosan.