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Tuesday 25 August 2009

CurrencyVendor.com: can you trust it?

Another doubtful World of Warcraft site is currencyvendor.com hosted on the same server as these other WoW scam sites.

Does it look trustworthy? Well, no. It's hosted by YoHost.org on the same server as a load of WoW scams sites, phishing sites, fake internet companies, bogus pharmacies and all sorts of other things. The domain was set up a few days ago, and is hosted on an anonymous server with anonymous contact details. Given the very high number of scam sites on this server, the lack of history and the anonymous contact details we would strongly recommend that extreme caution be taken if dealing with this site.

Update: the people behind CurrencyVendor.com deny that it is a scam, but acknowledge that their web host does host scam sites. They also decline to identify themselves. Draw your own conclusions, but as a general rule doing business with someone who refuses to identity themselves is a bad idea.


Unknown said...


This message is intended to clarify the false accusations regarding currencyvendor.com being a scam site.

Please stop making false accusations without any proof whatsoever misleading our visitors.

It is true that yohost.org hosts various scam sites but the reason why this hosting company was chosen is because we wanted to keep the our right to stay private.

Hoping that in the near future this kind of misunderstanding will be avoided wish you all a nice time here on Dynamoo's Blog, hopefully a place which will present to its visitors more accurate information in the future.

Conrad Longmore said...

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then in all reasonable probability.. it is a duck.

You deliberately choose a host that advertises itself as being beyond the reach of law enforcement, and you hide your contact details so nobody knows who you are.

Move to another host, put your contact details in your WHOIS and I will change my opinion.

Unknown said...


It also might be an idiot in duck costume that has no better thing to do in his free time that to flaw other peoples website.

You have no right to tell me what to do whatsoever nor the right to state something you do not have proof about. Its that simple so please either prove your statements or withdraw your words.

Conrad Longmore said...

And you have no right to tell me what to do either. Do you really expect people to believe that you have the only legitimate WoW related site on a server full of WoW scams?

As I said, move off YoHost and identify yourself accurately in WHOIS if you want to be trusted.

Unknown said...


Thank you for updating your post in order to reflect true facts without false accusations.

Wish the best both to you and to all readers of dynamoo,

WTBGold said...

Hey there Conrad,

I know this is an incredibly old post but I thought you might be interested in the story. I write a blog teaching people how to make gold and chose the clever name WTBGold (short for Want to Buy, for any non-gamers). Well, I'm on blogger but turns out the .com address was one of these shady currency selling companies. After I started getting some traffic, I dug up the whois to talk to the person and maybe buy the domain, but gave up when I found out the info traced back to china and the owners email was something ridiculous like 11aa111aaaa@136.com - or something like that. If they go through that much trouble to hide themselves, they probably don't want to be found, right? Anyways, let me know if you have any tips. And great blog!

All the best,
Aldred Eckles