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Sunday 9 August 2009

Fleos.com and Flyappraisal.com scams

Two more domain appraisal scams following on from this one, Fleos.com has been around for a few days and is a copy of the flyappraisals.com / flyrating.com fraud.

In the same vein, the scammers have also registered Flyappraisal.com which will not doubt be used for another batch of fake domain appraisal fraud soon.

Avoid these, and if you have paid for a so-called appraisal via PayPal, then use the PayPal dispute procedure to get your money back.

1 comment:

SmoothieKid said...

I got the same email yesterday from resaledomain@gmail.com - the worst scam & spam is still from the SEO Company NationalPositions.com - one of their ex-employees put up National-Positions.com - check it out