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Tuesday 22 December 2009

mailbox-email.com scam

Part of a long running dating scam, mailbox-email.com looks like a free email service, but isn't. Hosted on in China, the server also hosts various fake dating and prescription sites.

All of these following sites are some scam or another, avoid them:
  • Adltfuntime.com
  • Adultmeetspot.com
  • Amazmail.com
  • Aprofilepage.com
  • Blowingawaytherestnow.com
  • Email-mailbox.com
  • Findallthebestherenow.com
  • Findnewfriend.net
  • Free-email-chat.com
  • Free-email-connect.com
  • Free-email-fun.com
  • Free-email-live.com
  • Freeextender.net
  • Freemailaccounts.net
  • Freemailnow.net
  • Getitatrxcenternow.com
  • Greatestofrxznow.com
  • Happeningrxcenternow.com
  • Hotlivemailchat.com
  • Kingofthekingofrxznow.com
  • Myemailhome.net
  • Netherlandsdns.com
  • Nodocneededforrxmedznow.com
  • Plygroundadlt.com
  • Realdealrxbrandnamesnow.com
  • Sexyhotlivechat.com
  • Skinny-me.info
  • Ysjhdfjd.com
  • Zeuhiuer.com


Glenn G Millar said...

For the last two weeks, my computer has suddenly slowed down. Today I got a delivery status notification from an email which I supposedly sent. I didn't, and it's not in my sent files. The email contained this dating scam with mailbox-email.com. I have run virus check, both Norton and MalWareBytes and found nothing. Any idea how I get rid of whatever is using me as a server?


Unknown said...

superantispyware is free and cleans most everything. Be sure to disable system restore if you are using XP. Things can hide there. Also need to look at what is running at startup and determine if there is a rogue program. ccleaner is also totally free and can let you turn startup items on and off as well as clean your chache and registry. I've used them both for years.

Conrad Longmore said...

Superantispyware is definitely a good package, recommended.. but the fact that you got a bounce message is no sign of anything, the "From" field in spam is very easy to forge, all it means is that it has been harvested in some way.

Also, try the F-Secure Online Scanner and Trend Micro Housecall, they can both scan your PC from within your web browser.