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Saturday 17 April 2010

euvacant.com job offer scam

This is some sort of money mule operation, euvacant.com has the domain registered with hidden details though a registrat in China, the website and mail server are hosted at which is Pegashosting Network in the Ukraine.

Subject: part-time employment in Europe
From: "Katheryn.Parra"
Date: Sat, April 17, 2010 7:38 am

West Union Group is searching for a European representative in order to satisfy the
requests of our well respected costumer. To be welcome to our team you need to be a
communicative person and to possess the skills in proper customer care.
We provide you with:
- Flexible schedule
- Good salary
- We pay-off all taxes for you
- Insurance
To obtain more information, please fill up the form below and send it to:

r e p l y 9 @ e u v a c a n t . c o m [please delete spaces in the email
address before sending it to us]

First Name:
Last Name:
Contact Number:
Best time to contact you:
Attached resume is preferable

Our operators will contact you and will assist all your questions.

Position available for European citizens only!

Best Regards HR Management of West Union Group

In this case the originating IP was in Chile. Avoid.

Note that the return email address varies, another example used "c v 2 @ e u v a c a n t . c o m" but in all cases the domain seems to be the same.


Selva said...

So nobody knows who they are?

Juan Keo said...

Here is a copy of an email Ireceived from Western union.

Hello John,

Thank you for contacting Western Union. We are writing regarding your inquiry.

Thank you very much for contacting us regarding this issue. We can assure you that the email you received was not sent or authorized by Western Union, and we have forwarded this matter to our internal Security Department for handling. Western Union will never send you an email asking for any of your personal information.

We strongly suggest you contact your local law enforcement to report this incident.

If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at customerservice@westernunion.com.

Matthew S.
Customer Service Representative

velvet03 said...

I received today the same proposal by email for a job given by Western Union.
Thanks for the comment given on your blog, it helps me to do not a mistake ^^.
Good luke.

Michael Wheepy Crousaz said...

Look Twice ! The scam is from "West Union" and not from "Western Union" !

Unknown said...

The fact is that the e-mails you receive are not from West Union, I work in West Union and our company does not look for "regional representatives" we had many complaints from people. The people who send you this fake e-mails and call people are not from our server e-mail domain registered e-mails or phone numbers but people from Chile or Ukraine and etc, they are using our company's name to lie to people. The Police in many countries have been contacted several times by us and others.
We are sorry for the inconvenience done, but at the moment we cannot stop this fraudulent people. Most e-mails are sent from:


Visit our company's page at www.wugroup.com.cy or www.wugroup.ru or www.westuniongroup.com and see our real e-mails and phone numbers.
It is Not "West Union" to be blamed , but the people misrepresenting themselves for WU's employees.

Work Out For Life said...

I am so happy that I discovered this information. I've had in the past years many of money scam opportunities sent to my email address. This is another to look out for.

Gareth Parkes said...

The email address alone should alert recipient of the potential for a scam.

Augustine Ranjan said...

The one that I had..! today


West Union Group is an international company that is recruiting staff in Europe.
If you are a honest, executive person with knowledge of computer and e-mail - welcome to our company.
And also you need to be a sociable person and to possess the skills in good client service.

We will give the opportunity for you:
- Flexible chart
- Good worthy salary
- We pay-off all taxes for you
- Belay

When interested please provide us with data asked below so to make sure we have your name and other information correctly.

- First Name:
- Last Name:
- Country:
- E-Mail:
- Contact Number:
- Best time to contact you:

Attached resume preferably.

Once we receive your resume, you will be contacted by our supervisors who tell you more details about this job position.

Best Regards,
HR Management of West Union Group

Wouter said...

Dear readers,

I got today the same e-mail, but in Portuguese language. It came from Bartholomew Hubert . He asks me to reply to pablaespinoza@hrm-box.com

The subject of the mail was, in Portuguese: a good salary for 2-3 hours.

Nali said...

It's NOT WESTERN UNION but WESTEN Union! At least the one I got. I got TWO today, signed by different people.

aka_zedweb said...

Let´s start using spamcop.net, maybe it leads to nothing but it can´t harm

Utkarsh Shukla said...

i received a similar mail today, it goes like this:

Good day.

The company West Union Group is recruiting staff in Australia and New Zeland for further expansion. Our company is an international company with years of practice in the labor emporium, specializing in diffirent subjects. Basically it is the registration of original companies and real property.

We are looking for an administrative, responsible employee with administrative skills to work with our patrons.

We offer:
-easy schedule,
-good salary,
-benefits package
-career opportunities at our company.

If interested please provide us with information asked below so to check we have your name and other information correctly.

- First Name:
- Last Name:
- Country:
- E-Mail:
- Contact Number:
- Best time to contact you:

P.S. Attached resume is preferable.

As soon as we receive and review your completed form and resume, our operators will contact you immediately and consult on further action.

Best Regards,
HR Management of West Union Group

apparently they are too lazy to change the format and can be easily vouched as a scam

idestova said...

Latest income:

"Speech of welcome

I represent a large international company where I work as a manager of its personnel recruitment department.

Our company has been working in different fields, such as:

- supporting business in Europe and other countries

- bank accounts opening and maintenance

- private undertaking services

- etc.

Currently, we are looking for managers in Europe:

- salary 2.400 euro + bonus
- part-time job
- flextime

If you are interested in this job send us the necessary information on the following e-mail address:

e u r o @ u l t r a u p s . c o m (Please Delete Spaces In Email Address Before Using It)

Telephone Number:

Be informed! Candidates from EU are needed only!

Please provide us with your Personal data (Phone number and First and Last name) and our manager will contact to you to make a brief interview."

Ahtaanluoma said...

And they're still going strong: "WEST UNION GROUP is an international company which provides comprehensive business support for its clients since 1992.
West Union Group network of representative offices is represented in more than 32 countries and provides services up to 46 countries.
Our main specialization is advice on tax planning, registration of companies and additional service to support foreign companies.
Our company has a good reputation in such countries as USA, Australia and also some European countries.
Prior to establishing a new representative office, our company is conducting a marketing research to be the informed about current market situation.
For this reason we have a vacant position as Regional Financial Representative.

We strike most of our bargains mainly over the telephone and Internet.
When the client is willing to repay the amount to the company, our Regional Financial Representative will be in charge of controlling the whole payment process.
For this reason among main responsibilities of Regional Financial Representative will help to guide the process of different payments of our customers and provide post transfers support.

Average income of Regional Financial Representative will vary, but no less than 2500 EUR per month.
Please pay careful attention that it is an opportunity to make extra money during a first half of the day.
Only few hours per day will be required, so you will have a chance to keep your main job.
You will need to receive transfers (usually that will be only pre-payments) from the company to your bank account, and then using Western Union send money to our clients.

To provide you a core idea of work, the probation period is required.
During this period the company will provide you a fully paid training and your personal Manager will lead you through the whole educational process.
Do you need more information regarding this offer?
Please fill out the application form, attach you to an email and send it back to us to apply.
Our manager will be in touch with you within 1-5 days after you send an application form.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us before submitting your application.
We will be glad to answer any questions concerning this position.
In any case everything will start with a phone conversation with our HR representative."