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Friday 23 April 2010

"Twitter Support" phish

This phish claims to be from Twitter, but it actually redirects to a fake site at adcopy.awbweb.com/differential.html hosted on which appears to be a legitimate site that has been hijacked.

From: Twitter Support <support@twitter.com;>
Subject: Undelivered Message 52-629


You have 1 unread message(s)

The Twitter Team

Please do not reply to this message; it was sent from an unmonitored email address. This message is a service email related to your use of Twitter. For general inquiries or to request support with your Twitter account, please visit us at Twitter Support.

1 comment:

c'est ma said...

Glad you posted this. If it weren't for the fact that I don't tweet, I probably would have clicked on through. Any idea what would have happened? (Specifically--I understand the risk of malware, of being asked for personal financial info, etc., from phishing in general.