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Wednesday 2 June 2010

"llona Timofeeva" scam

There are probably lots of people called llona Timofeeva who are perfectly trustworthy, but this job offer from a "llona Timofeeva" is not.. and it is almost definitely a made up name. So if you are llona Timofeeva, then this is probably not about you.

From: Illona Timofeeva
Date: 2 June 2010 20:04
Subject: Part-time job

My name is Illona Timofeeva, I am Director of an EastEuropean humane society S_O_S.
We have organized an animal shelter providing veterinary services, management and sterilization.
A lot of our pets have been adopted and taken care of. But now we are facing difficulties
with acceptance of donations and contributions for our shelter in your region,
that is why we are looking for a manager of our corporate account in UK.
This is a part-time job offer which would not interfere with your day job.
You may earn as much as P3,000 per month or more. In case you are interested in this offer,
we look forward to receiving your CV or brief information about yourself to our email HumaneSociety_sos@lavabit.com    
We shall write you back as soon as possible and state the terms of this job offer.

Sincerely yours,
Illona Timofeeva
SOSHumane Society
What is it? Well, it's a straightforward money laundering scam using the hook of cute, fluffy and defenceless animals to get you interested. Avoid.

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