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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Another spam using BonBon.net for replies

There have been a stack of fake job offers soliciting replies to a BonBon.net email address lately. These emails don't actually come from BonBon.net, but they are seeking a reply to a mailbox using that domain.

I was unfamiliar with this mail service, but a bit of research shows that it belongs to HotPOP who have been around since 1998 and have a pretty good anti-spam policy and seem to be a pretty decent bunch.. so my advice is that if you get a spam trying to get you to reply to BonBon.net then forward a copy to abuse -at - hotpop.com.

From: Emilio Richardson
Date: 1 June 2010 02:40
Subject: Vacancy
Req'd Education: High School
Citizenship or Work-Visa: YES
Base Pay: 72,000/year
Employee Type: Part-Time/Home-Based
Bonus: Yes


If you want to work in a strong developing team, in which you can feel like in your family, this  position is for you! Our company is looking for local customer service managers. You will have good career opportunities and will enjoy friendly working atmosphere of our team.

High School required. PC and Internet, MS Office or compatible. Must have strong writing and communication skills.

To Apply:
Forward your contact details back ONLY to our e-mail:  manager03ltd@BonBon.net

 and wait for response next 24h - 48h. Resume-containing only.
This really is just another Money Mule operation or similar, avoid at all costs.

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