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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

FirearmsForYou.com and the Chinese connection

Automated link exchange requests are annoying, but usually easily dealt with by binning them. This idiot decided to send me the same spam 25 times..

From: James <linkmanager@firearmsforyou.com>
Subject: Link Exchange Proposal from FirearmsForYou.com

Hello Webmaster,

I am seeking out possible link partners to offer as a resource to our site's visitors. I've found your website http://www.dynamoo.com and its information and advice to be a great service and I am interested in exchanging links with you.

Please consider adding our link to your site on the following page:

Our linking details:

Anchor text: Guns Online

URL: http://www.firearmsforyou.com/

Description: Buy guns online from a trusted source. Firearms For You has the largest selection of firearms and accessories.


Guns Online Buy guns online from a trusted source. Firearms For You has the largest selection of firearms and accessories.

Your link will be added in the best category here http://www.firearmsforyou.com/resources/index.html

Please send me your site details and I will add your link as soon as possible.

I hope for an early and positive response from you.

Best Regards,
9831 E. Bell Road Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Note: If you would like not to receive any further communications from me, please paste this link into your browser: http://www.firearmsforyou.com/resources/unsubscribe.html?id=[snip]

Or simply respond to this email with Remove as the subject.

OK, he's an idiot who sells assault rivals, but Scottsdale is over 5000 miles away, so I feel quite safe calling "James" (if that is his name) an idiot.

Now, if Americans want to take pot shots at each other with military grade weapons then it is up to them, pro-gun people will argue that it's their constitutional right to bear arms as American citizens.

But dig a little deeper, and these emails originate from in Hong Kong.. which is part of China.. who are Communists, remember? It all looks a bit un-American to me..

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FirearmsForYou.Com said...

I am the owner of Firearmsforyou.com and one of the companies that we had running our linking program got their server hacked and that is why you received multiple emails. Currently we are no long using this company and would request that you please remove this posting from your system.