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Monday, 27 September 2010

"United Nation Bonded Warehouse Wales" scam

An obvious scam, but one that's really quite stupid:

Reply-To: khaliqalifi@iol.pt
United Nation Bonded Warehouse wales Branch.Office..........

What? Where? Actually, the UN does run warehouses, primarily for aid efforts (there's a list of jobs here) usually in areas suffering from disasters or war.. I don't think a Friday night in Swansea counts. But a bonded warehouse is not the same thing at all..


Dried sausage to you, too.

This is AHMED SALEH ABDUL KHALIQALIFI ,  Presently stationed with the possition of  assistant Manager as a trusted store-keeper herein United Nation Bonded WareHouse Wales Branch ..Office, Division in South West of  Great Brintain  . I will like to share some very vital information that would bring some good financial returns to us in just a few weeks or days depending on how fast we pursue the matter.I am seeking your assistance to evacuate unclaimed valuable property to your safe custody, as long as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until i complete my service here
Why do I think that "trusted" is not the right word when you are basically offering me something that you have stolen? And Wales is in the "South West of  Great Brintain"? That's somebody who has a very badly spelled atlas that they don't really understand. Oh yes, and if you're in Wales, why is the sending IP address in Malaysia?

This may not be the best medium to make this kind of contact because of the numerous scam offers transmitted through the Internet, but it is all I have access to for now.

Well, I'm glad you pointed that out because I totally believe that it's not a scam now. Tell you what, Wales is a couple of hours drive.. why don't I pop over with a van or something?

I will be very grateful if you can give me the opportunity to discuss this matter with you by assuring me that you will not use any part of it against me in anyway, I hope you understand my limitations here. I will await a mail from you.
What. like publishing your pathetic scamming effort onto teh interwebs?

Sincere Regards,

I think you need to double check the meaning of "sincere.."

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