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Tuesday 31 May 2011

Liver Transplant spam

A weird one here.. somebody offering bits of their liver for sale. Of course it could be a scam, but it might even be genuine (which is perhaps more disconcerting). Originating IP address is in Russia.

From: Alex alexsilpo@yahoo.com
Date: 30 May 2011 10:37
subject: Liver transplant.
I found your e-mail adress on medical site of transplant and liver problems.
My name is Alex, I am 31 years european man, I never drank alcohol and did not smoke cigarettes, my blood is O+ and I have a good health. If you need liver transplant I am ready to give part of my liver, but I want to receive a big compensation for that...

If you do not need liver transplant, but you know somebody who need it, please send my message to this person or keep it just in case.



P.S. If I was mistaken, I am sorry, I will not disturb you any more.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am not from Russia, I am from Ukraine.