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Tuesday 2 August 2011

virtualmapping.org redirect

The domain name virtualmapping.org sounds legitimate, but isn't.. it's a redirector used on hacked websites. The first time you visit one of these hacked sites via a Google search, you get redirected to a URL at virtualmapping.org/cgi-bin/r.cgi. Subsequent visits don't seem to trigger this, nor does visiting the site directly. It could be an altered .htaccess file.

virtualmapping.org is hosted on which is unsurprisingly enough in Romania, in a Cobalt IT SRL block suballocated to SC Coral IT Office SRL / xnetworkings.com also in Romania. Sites in these Cobalt ranges are either all evil or are of interest to Romanian visitors only, so one quick and easy way to secure your network is to block the entire range.. at the very least, block, and which are especially toxic.

After hitting virtualmapping.org, visitors are then redirected to one of the following sites on, hosted at Netdirekt in Frankfurt but actually allocated to a host called inferno.name (Sogreev Anton, Serbia). is full of Russian porn sites, so probably a good thing to block in any case.

Some of the domains that are loading the malware are:

Basically, anything in the nc-9.com domain apart from nc-9.com and www.nc-9.com has been hijacked and is pointing to the IP address in Frankfurt. It's not a surprise to see that nc-9.com is actually a legitimate domain registered at GoDaddy that appears to have been hijacked.

The payload is a nasty trojan according to various analysis tools (ThreatExpert, Comodo, Anubis). Detection rates are very low. The analysis tools might help you to clean up your PC if you have somehow become infected.

Of some interest, the trojan alters the HOSTS file to block access to popular torrent sites such as the Pirate Bay. It also calls home to two domains, assistancebeside.com ( and imagehut4.cn which was actually deleted last year, but was registered to the scumbags at Real Host Ltd.

There's quite a lot to block here, the highest priorities are:

I see no harm in blocking the following /24s:

And if you're not afraid to block really quite large address ranges:

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