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Wednesday 28 November 2012

Gary McNeish, Christopher Niebel fined £440k for SMS spams

I've covered Gary McNeish and his SMS spamming outfit before, they are quite possibly behind the majority of financial SMS spam messages that have been doing the rounds lately.

Well, it seems the ICO finally caught up with him and his business partner Christopher Niebel and have hit the pair with a whopping £440,000. The Daily Telegraph reports that they were pumping out up to 840,000 spam SMS messages per day. The BBC has more details about the pair.

It looks like Mr Neibel has suffered the bulk of the fine, with £300,000 ordered to be paid by the ICO. Mr McNeish lives in Thailand (but owns the spamming company Tetrus Telecom) and has been fined £140,000. Mr Neibel seems a bit upset by this according to reports. Tough shit, I say.

Anyway, this is the guy who probably won't be coming back to the UK any time soon..

Check out some of his semi-naked photos here. Classy!

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