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Thursday 19 December 2013

"FSA needed - 1800 GBP/month" fake job offer

This job offer is a fake..

Date:     19 December 2013 14:43
Subject:      FSA needed - 1800 GBP/month

Having seen your CV that we gained from a staffing agency, we'd like to offer you a job.

We are a small independent company located in United Kingdom. The main field of our business is IT outsourcing services, including the search of clients for potential employees and matching the most ideal candidate for each company's request.

We are happy to extend this opportunity to you. This position does not require any special experience and agents are hired on part-time basis for 1 month probationary period. During which the applicants receive online training and support.

Salary during the training period will amount up to GBP 1,500 and you will be entitled to a commission of 8% on all of your operations. You will be eligible to participate in our benefit program.

Requirements: internet, phone and e-mail availability, ability to work 2-3 hours a day Monday through Friday, PC user skills.

Candidates should send their electronic application to newcareer93@gmail.com.

To expedite the communication process, please fill in the required information below:

Forename: _____________________
Country of residence:______________________
Contact phone:________________________
Preferred call time:_____________________

Thank You,

Emma Wilkinson

The email comes from an IP address in Arizona rather than the UK. It's unclear what the so-called job is, but it is likely to be money laundering or some other criminal activity. Avoid.

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