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Monday 11 August 2014

"Ministerio Publico federal 11 08 2014 07:35" spam / informativoministeriopublico.info

This Portuguese-language spam originates from a Brazilian-IP address and has a somewhat convincing domain of informativoministeriopublico.info - but in fact it simply leads to a  malicious attachment.

From:     [victim]
To:     [victim]
Date:     11 August 2014 14:33
Subject:     Ministerio Publico federal 11 08 2014 07:35

Scan Security Avast, NOD 100% Seguro.
The link in the email goes to a bit.ly address that forwards to [donotclick]informativoministeriopublico.info/2014-20090717094507AAtpljuX&ei=sVblU7RHpd-wBKbhgZgG&ved=0CBsQvwUoAAqid=20090717094507AAtpljuX&ei=sVblU7RHpd-wBKbhgZgG&ved=0CBsQvwUoAA.html which has garnered a fair number of clicks according to the bit.ly statistics:

From there the victim goes to a download page (it tries to start automatically) which downloads MPF-747-53.2014.5.01.0466.pdf.zip which contains a malicious executable MPF-747-53.2014.5.01.0466.pdf.cpl which has a VirusTotal detection rate of 16/54.

This trojan downloads other components, although at the moment I am not sure what (you can guarantee it will be nothing good).

The malware site informativoministeriopublico.info has been created specifically for this purpose with anonymous registration details, and is hosted on (ClearVPS / ColoCrossing, US). This IP address has been used for a number of other similar sites:


The range has some questionable sites in it, and you might want to block the whole lot as a precaution. You should definitely block though. 

The originating IP is (Alog-02 Solucoes De Tecnologia Em Informatica S.a., Brazil). The presence of a Brazilian IP address as the sender is interesting, because it does make the email look more legitimate if the headers are examined.

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