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Saturday 2 February 2008

moneybookers.com / xcitinggames.com phish

It's unusual to see a moneybookers.com phish, but perhaps it shows that the phishers are moving on to different targets. This particular phish reads:

Greetings from moneybookers.com! We would like to inform you that you have received a payment from banking@xcitinggames.com.

Payment details

Amount: . 147.00
ID: 89089098
Subject: received payment
Note: Click here to accept this payment

Your money is waiting for you in your Moneybookers account.

Use this link to accept payment- www.moneybookers.com.

We hope you enjoy your cash.

One other notable feature of this phish is the use of an AOL redirector to attempt to fool spam filters, in this case eventually pointing to which is a server in Italy, probably rented with stolen credit card details.

Neither moneybookers.com nor xcitinggames.com are involved in this phish. I understand that AOL have been told about their redirector problem several times but have not acted.


MMOEx Blog said...

I received one recently too, but more surprisingly, they know I have a moneybookers account and they sent it from no_reply@moneybookers.com, which was the email address Moneybookers used to contact me.
Also I was wondering what "an AOL redirector" was for?

Unknown said...

Irecieve alot of scams this company
I have nothing to say about its time someone stopped selling mailing lists also personal info.
We are sick of phone calls, mailing lists also e mail scams.Leave folk in peace I know they all are in foreign countries who cause these problems